Brooke Magnanti

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UK Scientist Misses Call Girl Days

Outed blogger 'Belle du Jour' has no regrets

(Newser) - UK research scientist Brooke Magnanti says she misses the job satisfaction she had as a call girl. "I miss the moment when you walk into a hotel, and that feeling of 'I'm about to do a job and I'm about to do it well," says Magnanti, whose sex... More »

Call-Girl Scientist's Dad: I Had 150 Hookers

Belle du Jour's father stunned by daughter's double life

(Newser) - The father of Britain's most famous call-girl-turned-research-scientist Brooke Magnanti says he has used more than 150 prostitutes himself, and introduced his daughter to some of them. Paul Magnanti, whose daughter's double life has captivated the British press, says meeting the women showed her the "human face" of selling sex.... More »

2 Stories