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This US City Is the Biggest Melting Pot of All

Jersey City, NJ, is most culturally diverse city in America

(Newser) - By the year 2060, 36% of America's kids under the age of 18 will be what the Census Bureau deems "single-race non-Hispanic white," down from 52% today. The shrinking percentage is thanks to what WalletHub calls the country's "rapid ethnic and racial diversification" over the... More »

Video Catches Easter Bunny in Brawl at NJ Mall

Man says he was attacked by angry parent

(Newser) - The Easter Bunny isn't always a happy-go-lucky bearer of chocolate. Around 7pm on Sunday, for example, he found himself at the center of a brawl at the Newport Centre shopping mall in Jersey City, reports the New York Daily News . Police say the incident began when a girl fell... More »

Newborn Baby Found in Trash

Baby boy is alive

(Newser) - A newborn baby boy was found alive inside a plastic shopping bag in Jersey City yesterday. Doctors estimate the baby was born 11 weeks premature and weighs only 3 pounds. He was discovered by a group of teenagers in a pile of trash behind an apartment building, reports WABC . "... More »

False Alarm— Trash Bag Mistaken for Man Stuck in Sewer

Jersey City workers rushed to free ... a trash bag

(Newser) - It turns out a worker wasn't stuck inside a pipe in New Jersey's second-largest city. Jersey City Fire Chief Darren Rivers says it was actually a bag of trash. He says workers with the Jersey City Incinerator Authority were checking the pipe with a camera when they thought... More »

NJ Man Arrested for Peeing on...Women

(Newser) - You can't make this stuff up, folks. Jersey City police believe they have caught the man responsible for peeing on the legs of several women since December. Nitinkuma Patel, 27, of Secaucus, NJ, was caught in the act, peeing on the back of a 16-year-old girl's legs as she walked... More »

5 Jersey Cops Shot; 2 Suspects Killed

(Newser) - Five police officers were shot—two of them critically wounded—in a running gunfight in Jersey City today. Both suspects were killed in the shootout, which began on the street about 5am and ended when SWAT officers fought their way into an apartment where the man and woman had... More »

Death Threats Sent to Goldman Sachs

'We are inside. You cannot stop us,' read anonymous letters

(Newser) - Investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs has been the subject of menacing letters sent to newspapers across the country, prompting an investigation by the FBI. "Hundreds will die,"  warn the  letters that have been traced back to Queens, New York. "We are inside. You cannot stop us." More »

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