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4 Shot at Mother's Day Motorcycle Blessing

1 killed at Newark's 'Blessing of the Bikes'

(Newser) - New Jersey authorities say one person is dead and three others are wounded after gunfire broke out following an annual Mother's Day motorcycle blessing in Newark. Gunfire erupted last night in the city's South Ward, the scene of the "Blessing of the Bikes," an event sponsored... More »

'Free' Army Helicopter Costs Newark Small Fortune

Vietnam-era workhorse has cost more than $1M to maintain

(Newser) - Looking a gift chopper in the blades might not be a bad idea, if the experience of the Newark Police Department is anything to go by. The department accepted a 42-year-old Vietnam-era helicopter free from the military in 2005, and a second in 2007 for spare parts, but maintaining and... More »

NJ Cheerleader Shot Execution-Style on Street

Newark's new mayor pledges to stop wave of violence

(Newser) - Cheyanne Bond wanted to be a nurse, but the money her family had saved for the 17-year-old's college tuition is now being spent on her funeral. The cheerleader, who graduated from high school just two weeks ago, was shot dead in Newark Sunday night, and police haven't identified... More »

Fire Tears Through NJ Home, Kills 6

Destroys 2 homes, but everyone in 2nd home escapes

(Newser) - Authorities say six people have been killed in a fast-moving fire that roared through a single-family home in New Jersey's largest city. The Essex County prosecutor's office says the blaze broke out at around 4am today in Newark. The fire soon spread to another residence, and both homes... More »

Uproar Greets Newark Archbishop's Luxe Home

John Myers tacking 3K square feet onto already huge retirement home

(Newser) - It seems like a pretty sweet way to retire: living in a 7,500-square-foot mansion with two swimming pools. But when the soon-to-be retiree is Archbishop John J. Myers, and the construction bill tied to the 3,000-square-foot addition on his existing weekend home will be footed by the Archdiocese... More »

Cory Booker Wins Senate Seat for NJ

Democrat to replace Frank Lautenberg for 15 months

(Newser) - Newark mayor Cory Booker has won a special election to represent New Jersey in the Senate, giving the rising Democratic star a bigger political stage after a race against conservative Steve Lonegan, a former small-town mayor. Booker, 44, will become the first black senator from New Jersey. A vegetarian with... More »

Cory Booker's Dad Dies, 6 Days Before Election

Cary Booker was one of IBM's first black executives

(Newser) - Cory Booker has to temporarily put the brakes on his campaign for a Senate seat in New Jersey just six days before the special election. His father, Cary Booker, has died after suffering a stroke in Las Vegas, reports USA Today . The elder Booker also had Parkinson's disease. Cary... More »

The Unfriendliest City in the World is...

...Newark, according to 'Conde Nast Traveler' readers

(Newser) - Travel mag Conde Nast Traveler asked its readers to name (and shame) the friendliest and unfriendliest cities in the US and across the world. The "unfriendliest" winner was deemed to be Newark, NJ, with one reader saying he would not recommend as anything but "a cheaper/less busy airport... More »

Cory Booker Rescues Freezing Dog

Even as Frank Lautenberg questions his job performance

(Newser) - Cory Booker revived his part-time superhero act last night, coming to the rescue of a dog that been left out in the freezing cold. The Newark mayor was alerted to the pooch's plight via his usual bat signal: Twitter. A reporter from WABC 7 spotted the dog and tweeted... More »

Cory Booker's Food Stamp Regret: I Didn't Buy Eggs

Newark mayor thinks he should have clipped coupons, too

(Newser) - Cory Booker began his food stamp challenge yesterday, showing off his decidedly modest grocery haul for the week to the New Jersey Star-Ledger . The vegetarian mayor spent $29.78 on an assortment that included 17 cans of beans, seven yams, two bags of frozen vegetables, and two apples. "If... More »

Booker Maneuver Sparks Near-Riot at City Hall

He casts rare vote on council to help political ally gain seat

(Newser) - A dramatic scene at Newark's city hall last night: During a meeting to appoint a new council member, Mayor Cory Booker pulled a behind-the-scenes move that caused outraged citizens to storm the dais, knocking over a podium and prompting police to use pepper spray, reports . Two candidates... More »

Cory Booker to Live Off Food Stamps

Takes on week-long challenge after Twitter debate

(Newser) - In the latest adventures of Cory Booker, the Newark mayor—who tends to be at the center of the action —is set to undergo a food-stamp challenge. After a Twitter user told him that "nutrition is not the responsibility of the government," their back-and-forth resulted in a... More »

Rocking at 50: Stones to Tour Again

Mick Jagger and the gang announce 4 dates in US, UK

(Newser) - You can't always get what you want—but if your desire is to attend a Rolling Stones concert this might be your lucky day. The legendary band said today it would return to the stage this year with four concerts in Britain and the US. The shows will take... More »

Governor Cory Booker or Senator Cory Booker?

Newark's mayor is considering both options

(Newser) - Cory Booker is looking for a promotion. The Newark mayor, Democratic party phenom, and random rescuer of people from fires , is contemplating the launch of a campaign for either the Senate or the governorship in New Jersey, reports Politico . Booker announced his intentions last night at a local county committee... More »

Feds Search for Trapped Stowaways on Massive NJ Ship

Inspectors heard tapping on vessel, loaded 3 weeks ago in India

(Newser) - Frantic federal authorities were continuing to search containers on a massive cargo ship last night for stowaways after Coast Guard officials reported hearing suspicious noises during a routine inspection at the Newark port. Inspectors heard knocking from inside a shipping container buried deep within the cargo stacks, which had been... More »

Cory Booker Gets In on New Rescue

Except a detective was first on scene of pedestrian hit by car

(Newser) - Cory Booker might be dead to the White House , but he's trying to burnish his knight-in-shining-armor cred again. Seems the mayor was on the scene when a Newark pedestrian was hit by a car Friday, tweeting that he was among a group that "got man stabilized & into... More »

Cory Booker Learns to Backpedal

Newark mayor quickly gets over 'nauseating' Obama ads on Bain

(Newser) - New Democrat darling Cory Booker made headlines yesterday when he hammered President Obama's ads attacking Bain Capital as "nauseating," and it didn't take long for him to make a sudden recovery. Hours after his comments, Booker posted a YouTube video clarifying his position. "Let me... More »

Newark Mayor Feared He'd Die in Fire Rescue

Cory Booker felt 'terror'; woman in serious condition

(Newser) - When Corey Booker rushed in to rescue his neighbor from a burning building, he wasn't sure he'd make it back alive. "I did not feel bravery, I felt terror," the Newark mayor said during a press conference today. "I really didn't think we were... More »

Newark Mayor Rescues Woman From Fire

Cory Booker hospitalized after saving neighbor from burning building

(Newser) - Talk about hands-on mayoring: Newark Mayor Cory Booker was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns last night after rescuing a woman from a fire. After arriving home to find a neighbor's house on fire, the mayor, followed by two members of his security detail, rushed inside before the... More »

Former NJ Governor Goes Undercover as Homeless Man

Richard Codey spends night at shelter

(Newser) - A former New Jersey governor transformed himself into a homeless man and went undercover in Newark to spend the night in a shelter, reports MSNBC . "To find a place to take you if you were homeless was impossible, essentially," says Richard Codey, now a state senator. Codey heaped... More »

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