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Taiwan Arms Sale Signals Tougher Stance on China

Obama taking harder line after outreach fails

(Newser) - The White House has sent Beijing a clear message that making nice isn't working, and it's time to push back against increasing Chinese belligerence. President Obama's decision to sell $6 billion in arms to Taiwan is likely to be only the first of several run-ins the administration has with China... More »

Chinese: Google Flap Is a US Conspiracy

But government tries to tamp down drama

(Newser) - Google is a puppet of US foreign policy, Chinese state-owned media are reporting, calling the company's threat to pull out of China unless censorship is dropped a conspiracy by the US government to interfere in Chinese politics. One paper quotes a political scientist saying, "the Google incident is not... More »

Great Wall of China 'Magical': Obama

President visits landmark, heads to South Korea

(Newser) - Following in the footsteps of Richard Nixon and every president since then, Barack Obama today wound up his visit to China with a stop at the Great Wall, where he stoked his hosts' pride in ancient Chinese civilization by reflecting on the wall's enduring nature. "It's magical," Obama... More »

3 Stories