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Stewart Mocks Biden's 'Summer of Recovery'

'Summer of bedbugs' might have been more accurate

(Newser) - America had a summer of bedbugs and mosque controversy instead of the "summer of recovery" Joe Biden promised, complains Jon Stewart. The Daily Show host, pointing to dismal jobs numbers and the sagging stock market, says "summer of recovery" is about as accurate as calling last summer the... More »

Biden Yuks It Up With Stewart

Jon quizzes Joe on the state of the economy and more

(Newser) - Joe Biden discussed his transition to vice president, the economy, and Amtrak with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night. “The Republican Party has nothing but hardcore conservatives. There’s no moderates left. The Democratic Party has moderates, liberals, and conservative Democrats,” Biden said. “And Communists,... More »

2 Stories