Fox News misleading footage

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Fox News Viewers 'Most Misinformed,' Study Finds

Network's fans most likely to believe certain falsehoods

(Newser) - University of Maryland researchers have deemed Fox News viewers the "most misinformed," Mediaite reports. The researchers, who asked a number of questions about hot-button issues in the 2010 election, found Fox News viewers—regardless of political affiliation—were more likely than viewers of other networks to believe, for... More »

Fox Caught Fudging Footage Again

This-just-in Palin video actually from '08 campaign

(Newser) - The incident isn’t on par with Jon Stewart catching Fox News host Sean Hannity passing off old video as new, but lefty blogger Faiz Shakir found the network doing something similar today. Noting huge crowds for Sarah Palin’s book tour, host Gregg Jarrett alerts viewers to “pictures... More »

2 Stories