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He Was Shot in School in 2016. Now, Punishment for a Protest

Cooper Caffrey gets detention for March 14 student walkout

(Newser) - It shouldn't be surprising that a survivor of a school shooting might want to demonstrate against gun violence in schools—but maybe a little bit surprising that his school would punish him for it. That's the plight of Cooper Caffrey, a sophomore at Madison High School in Ohio,... More »

Student Protesters Occupy Occidental's Admin Building

Another diversity-related protest is making headlines

(Newser) - The latest higher education campus to see protests over racial issues: California's Occidental College, where whites make up 50.6% of the student body and minority students say the campus climate is inhospitable. Students have been protesting over diversity issues, with a list of demands including more programming and... More »

Another College Official Resigns Over Racial Issues

Dean at Claremont McKenna College steps down

(Newser) - Another college official has resigned in the wake of racial tension, this time in California. Mary Spellman, dean of students at Claremont McKenna College, stepped down Thursday, after sending an email that sparked an uproar last month, the Los Angeles Times reports. But the larger brouhaha started in April, when... More »

More 'Clandestine' Graves Found in Mexico

Charred remains found in four mass graves in Iguala

(Newser) - Four more "clandestine" mass graves housing burnt bodies have been found in Iguala, Mexico, reports Reuters , and they're "relatively" close to six others discovered last weekend. Four suspects led investigators to the graves yesterday; it isn't clear how many bodies the graves contain, AFP reports. The... More »

Mass Graves in Mexico Could Hold Missing Students

It could take weeks to identify 28 badly burned bodies

(Newser) - Investigators are still trying to identify 28 "savagely slaughtered" bodies found in mass graves outside the Mexican city of Iguala—but they fear they have found evidence of an atrocity carried out by local police with ties to organized crime. Six students were killed when a group of students... More »

Bodies in Mexico Mass Grave 'Savagely Slaughtered'

Grim find in Guerrero as officials search for 43 missing student protesters

(Newser) - Mexican forces searching for 43 students who went missing last weekend amid violence in the southern state of Guerrero made instead a grisly discovery yesterday: Six freshly dug mass graves on the outskirts of Iguala city containing at least 20 bodies, reports Reuters ; the victims had been "savagely slaughtered,... More »

Quebec Student Protests: 2.5K Arrested So Far

Hundreds of thousands take to streets

(Newser) - With countless students taking to the streets of Quebec to protest tuition hikes, the number of arrests over the last three months has already hit 2,500 —and it's still growing. Protesters were initially furious over the increased fees; now they're also opposing a new law limiting... More »

'Militarization' of Police Is War on Democracy

Police once knew how to handle non-violent protests, says Bob Ostertag

(Newser) - US Police used to recognize non-violent protest for what it was, and arrested and carried off protesters, when necessary, with a minimum of fuss. But the mass pepper spraying of UC Davis students last week represents a "radical departure" from that tradition, a dangerous "militarization" of police that... More »

Students Riot Over Paterno Ouster

Angry kids throw rocks at police, overturn news van

(Newser) - Thousands of Penn State students rioted last night, tearing down light poles, throwing rocks and firecrackers at police, and overturning a news truck in a show of anger over the university's trustees firing of coaching legend Joe Paterno , reports the New York Times . “Of course we’re going... More »

Protesters Face Down Berkeley Riot Cops

Activists win concessions after 7 hours on ledge

(Newser) - A tense day of protests against massive budget cuts at UC Berkeley ended with protesters claiming victory. Eight activists who spent seven hours chained together on a fourth-floor ledge as riot police faced off with protesters below came down after reaching an agreement with campus officials, the San Francisco Chronicle... More »

Scotland Yard Seeks Student Protest Intel From Colleges

'Counter-terrorism' officer gathers info ahead of tuition protests

(Newser) - Big Brother is watching in Britain. Scotland Yard is contacting universities for all their intelligence concerning student protests ahead of expected demonstrations against tuition hikes and education cuts. A counter-terrorism officer has already contacted 20 London universities seeking "all pertinent" information, reports the Guardian . The email advises universities to... More »

UK Police Caught Dragging Protester From Wheelchair

Jody McIntyre says he was '100% not a threat to anyone'

(Newser) - British police have promised to launch an investigation after video surfaced of police officers apparently pulling a man with cerebral palsy from his wheelchair and dragging him across the street during Thursday’s student protests . The victim, 20-year-old Jody McIntyre, tells the Daily Telegraph that police actually pulled him from... More »

Student Protesters Attack Prince Charles' Car

'Their royal highnesses are unharmed'

(Newser) - Even Prince Charles got a taste of how angry British students are over a big hike in university fees. Protesters smashed a window of the prince's Rolls Royce and splashed paint on the car as he and Camilla were being driven through London. The prince's office confirms, in style: "... More »

UK Protesters Clash With Cops Over Tuition Hike

Costs have tripled and students are outraged

(Newser) - British lawmakers narrowly passed a law that will triple university tuition today—and students let them have it. Thousands gathered to protest outside Parliament, in demonstrations that occasionally became violent, the AP reports. Crowds had gathered even before the vote, throwing flares, billiard balls, and paint bombs, while officers, some... More »

Protests Rage on in Rome, London

Not a good day to be a tourist in Europe...

(Newser) - Now is not the time to be embarking on your dream trip to Italy ... or England. Both countries are weathering yet another day of student protests. In Rome, police vans and rows of riot-gear-clad officers barricaded access to the city's historic center in an attempt to keep students away from... More »

Students Take Over Tower of Pisa

Protesters also jump turnstiles, enter Colosseum, hang banner

(Newser) - On the heels of yesterday's protests in London, thousands of Italian students took their complaints about education cuts to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum—among other places—today, clogging roads and railways in the process. At the tower, about 20 students managed to breach security and unfurl... More »

Tens of Thousands of UK Students Protest Fee Hike

It's the second mass demonstration in two weeks

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of UK students again took to the streets of London to protest planned higher fees coupled with education cuts. It's the second mass demonstration in recent weeks. The only major violence was reported in Trafalgar Square, where a crowd smashed windows of shops, buses, and an unattended... More »

Student Protest Over UC Fee Hike Turns Violent

13 arrested, 15 pepper sprayed, officer conked on head with own baton

(Newser) - A 300-person strong protest against raising University of California fees got out of hand yesterday, and 13 people—mostly students—were arrested. The demonstration took place outside a UC regents meeting about the proposed increase in San Francisco. The UC San Francisco police chief called the crowd "angry and... More »

Across US, Students Decry Budget Woes

Calif. rallies draw thousands; violence mars Wis. protest

(Newser) - Thousands of students, from university down to elementary-school level, are rallying today across the US to protest the ever-more-dismal state of education funding. California demonstrators, who also included faculty and parents, have been most visible, and mainly peaceful, though a car windshield was smashed during the gathering at the University... More »

UC Students Protest Ahead of 32% Fee Hike

College moving out of reach, students charge

(Newser) - Angry students took to the streets yesterday to blast a proposed 32% fee hike for University of California schools. The Board of Regents is expected to finalize the increase today during a meeting at UCLA. It will hike tuition bills some $2,500. UC students will soon be paying $10,... More »

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