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30% of Americans Arrested by Age 23

Up from 22% in the 1960s

(Newser) - By the time they're 23, almost a third of Americans will have been arrested: These days, it's a "pretty common experience," says the author of a new study. The data marks a jump in arrests over the past 44 years; four decades ago, a study found... More »

Gender Bending Is Back in Fashion

Men's, women's, who cares? young dressers tell market

(Newser) - Call it the new cross-dressing: Young fashionistas are exhibiting a willful disregard for whether items of clothing are “men’s” or “women’s,” mixing and matching what works for them into an androgynous personal statement. So while one young clotheshorse allows he might not don a skirt,... More »

2 Stories