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Playboy's No. 1 Fan? This 44-Year-Old Chicago Woman

Peggy Wilkins moderates fan list, and even has Hef's ear

(Newser) - One might think Playboy’s biggest fan is a teen boy getting his first forbidden glimpse—but in reality, it’s a 44-year-old Chicago woman who’s bought every issue for the past 30 years, and keeps a spare apartment just to house the collection. And Peggy Wilkins is proud... More »

Sullivan Back; Still Hates Palin

Calls her book 'manifesto for the imagined life'

(Newser) - The notoriously Sarah Palin-obsessed Andrew Sullivan has restarted his Atlantic blog after taking time off to read her book, and, not surprisingly, he found it ridiculous. “It is,” he writes, “a manifesto for the imagined life of an imagined Sarah Palin as a leader for all those... More »

2 Stories