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Inside the Story of Colorado's First 'Legal Pot' Death

The teen had no other drug in his system when he jumped to his death

(Newser) - There's a saying in the health care world: dose matters. It certainly did in the case of 19-year-old Levy Thamba, a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who was studying at Wyoming's Northwest College. While in Denver with friends on spring break in March of 2014,... More »

Tourists Can Smoke Pot in Amsterdam After All

Mayor rejects law to ban use in coffee shops

(Newser) - Vice-seeking tourists won't have to give up on pilgrimages to Amsterdam for weed: The city is ditching plans to bar tourists from smoking the stuff in the city's coffee shops. The Netherlands' incoming government left the decision to local authorities, and Amsterdam's mayor opposes it. Such a... More »

Dutch Judge: Pot Tourism Ban Goes Live on Tuesday

Coffee shop owners plan to appeal

(Newser) - Sorry, tourists, but it looks like the Netherlands is remaining firm on a ban that will prevent foreigners from buying pot in its famous cannabis cafes. A judge upheld the new law, due to go into effect in three southern provinces on May 1 and throughout the country by the... More »

Dutch Banning Tourists From Buying Pot

Coffee shops to become Dutch-only establishments

(Newser) - The hazy days of drug tourism in Holland are numbered. The Dutch government has unveiled plans to ban foreigners from buying cannabis in the country's famous coffee shops, reports the Los Angeles Times . The coalition government's plan, backed by Geert Wilders' far-right party, requires the shops to become... More »

Holland Seeks Pot Ban for Tourists

Court told ban would violate free trade deals

(Newser) - Holland's famous cannabis cafes will only be open to Dutch smokers if government officials win a case at the European Court of Justice. Attorneys for the government—seeking to clamp down on cross-border drug tourism—say the nation has the right to ban foreigners from coffee shops that serve pot.... More »

This Bud's for You: Pot Cafe Makes the Grade

Marijuana mist, croissants on tap in 1st legal establishment

(Newser) - A first peek into the the first legal "pot cafe" in America reveals well-behaved Oregon patrons "sipping" marijuana mist from vaporizers and chatting amiably on couches. Not just anyone can wander into the Portland spot, which also sells chocolate croissants, notes a Times of London reporter. Smokers must... More »

6 Stories