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Goldberg: 'Clearly, I Got to' Jon Stewart

Bernie isn't even mad! At all!

(Newser) - As Bernie Goldberg’s nightly war with Jon Stewart continues, let him make one thing clear: “I’m not looking to continue any war with Jon Stewart,” he insisted last night on the O’Reilly Factor …while discussing his war with Jon Stewart. Goldberg doesn’t even... More »

Stewart— and Choir— Tells Fox to F Itself

Oh, Bernie Goldberg, look what you've started

(Newser) - Pity the man who crosses Jon Stewart. This week that dubious honor goes to Bernie Goldberg, who fired back at Stewart on Monday after Stewart told Fox to go F itself. "It takes a tough man to walk into O'Reilly's lion's den and criticize liberal elites," acknowledged Stewart,... More »

Fox Pundit to Stewart: 'You're Just Leno With the F-Bomb'

But first, Bernie Goldberg admits Jon 'was right'

(Newser) - Fox News pundit Bernie Goldberg said the unthinkable last night: “I was wrong, Jon Stewart is right.” Goldberg was responding, via the O’Reilly Factor , to Stewart’s claim last week that Fox News makes generalized slams against liberals then hypocritically derides anyone who makes generalized claims about... More »

Fox News Lets Jon Get Under Its Skin, Again

Stewart's "go bleep yourself" to Goldberg gets O'Reilly's attention

(Newser) - Fox News commentator Bernard Goldberg is just so sad that Jon Stewart doesn’t like him anymore, and he made a point of saying so on last night’s O’Reilly Factor . Stewart slammed Goldberg the night before on the Daily Show for Goldberg's comment that liberals don’t “... More »

4 Stories