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New Moon So Bad It's Funny

Sequel lacks thrills, sense of humor of first 'Twilight '

(Newser) - The Twilight Saga: New Moon is guaranteed to be a hit, but no one but its die-hard teen devotees should sit through it, critics say. Some reviews:
  • It’s “an anemic comedown after the full-blooded swoon of Twilight,” writes Ty Burr of the Boston Globe . Kristen Stewart is
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New Moon Eclipses Ticket Records

Twilight sequel leaves Potter pre-sale mark in dust

(Newser) - It doesn't open until tomorrow, but the latest Twilight movie already is breaking records. Fandango, AMC, and all say that fans are scooping up advance tickets to The Twilight Saga: New Moon in unprecedented numbers. Thousands of shows are sold out around the country, leaving pre-sale records held... More »

14 Scariest Twilight Souvenirs

It gets worse: There's a dildo on the list

(Newser) - As thousands of fans mobbed last night’s New Moon premiere (some had been waiting since Thursday afternoon, the AP reports), Gawker runs down the 14 craziest pieces of Twilight merchandise:
  • Edward Cullen panties
  • Edward Cullen sock puppet
  • Jacob Black light switch cover
  • Vampire sparkle dildo
  • Edward Cullen sweatshirt that
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3 Stories