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Celebs Flaunt Pregnancies —and It's Beautiful

Stigma over growing, naked bellies is going away

(Newser) - Model Miranda Kerr appears naked and very pregnant in the December issue of W magazine. The fact that it hardly seems newsworthy, however, is significant in and of itself: Over time, images like this have gone from being taboo to openly celebrated. And that's a beautiful thing, writes Tracy Clark-Flory... More »

Forget Demi's Hip— That's Not Her Body

Funny, model Anja Rubik's model looks exactly like the cover shot

(Newser) - The alleged Photoshopping of Demi Moore on the cover of W appears to go quite a bit further than just a missing chunk of hip. The Frisky brings our attention to the clever detective work of Pop Culture Madness , which has unearthed a photo of runway model Anja Rubik wearing... More »

Demi Moore: That's Really My Hip!

W mag cover not photoshopped, she says, even if unbelievable

(Newser) - The latest Photoshop scandal to hit the magazine world involves Demi Moore, who is apparently missing a portion of her hip on the cover of W—but she says the image was not touched up. A close-up courtesy of the Huffington Post shows that a chunk of her leg appears... More »

3 Stories