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McCain, Brewer Win in Arizona

GOP incumbents cruise to victory

(Newser) - John McCain has cruised to victory in Arizona, easily defeating conservative challenger JD Hayworth. The Republican now looks to set to win a fifth term in the US Senate, the AP reports. McCain looked vulnerable to anti-incumbent sentiment early in the campaign but fought back by shifting to the rights... More »

Dear Arizona Leaders: You Screwed Up

Republic lambastes Brewer, McCain, Kyl for immigration fiasco

(Newser) - Newspaper decline or not, today's Arizona Republic would have had the paper boys of yore shouting "Extra! Extra!": In a virtually unheard-of front-page editorial, the paper calls out by name almost every state leader for "pandering to public fear" on immigration policy and "allowing the debate... More »

McCain Ad Mocks Hayworth Over Birthers, Vampires

Spoof spot casts rival as right-wing loony

(Newser) - JD Hayworth is a "birther" who believes Dracula is real and thinks gay marriage will lead to weddings between men and horses, according to a spoof ad from John McCain's Senate campaign. The web video—possibly the funniest of the midterm election season so far—seeks to portray McCain's... More »

Surprise Edge for McCain Over Rival

Hayworth polls well with far right; not GOP, independents, Dems

(Newser) - John McCain faces a challenge from the right in the Arizona primary, but a new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll finds him in a remarkably strong position. Rival JD Hayworth excites far-right conservatives, but his favorability/unfavorability spread with Republicans overall is slightly weaker, at 61% to 16%, than McCain's 76% to... More »

Palin Will Visit Arizona to Stump for McCain

2008 running mate brought in to counter Hayworth

(Newser) - With JD Hayworth breathing down his neck, John McCain is looking for help in the Arizona primary race from a familiar campaigner: Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor and Tea Party favorite will travel to Arizona next weekend to stump for her onetime running mate. The joint appearances will be... More »

Romney Endorses McCain In Arizona Primary

Romney tries to boost former rival past conservative Hayworth

(Newser) - Mitt Romney endorsed John McCain in his primary fight against JD Hayworth today, little acknowledging the sometimes tense rivalry they developed during the 2008 Republican presidential primaries. “For years, I've been an admirer of John McCain. Then we became competitors. Today, I'm proud to call him my friend,”... More »

Hayworth to Hit McCain With Conservative Wrath

Challenger says Palin is backing Mac out of gratitude

(Newser) - JD Hayworth officially launched his campaign against John McCain yesterday by promising a year of change—the conservative kind. The Arizona challenger slammed McCain's voting record and promised to do a better job of standing up to the Democrats. "There are two John McCains," Hayworth said at his... More »

McCain Launches Preemptive Strike on Hayworth

Campaign gets aggressive early against conservative challenger

(Newser) - John McCain is pulling no punches in an offensive against primary challenger JD Hayworth, whom he hopes to shut down before Hayworth's campaign even begins. McCain has rallied his troops to file complaints with the FEC about Hayworth’s radio program, which they allege he was using to campaign in... More »

Conservative Hayworth Will Challenge McCain

Former congressman quits radio show ahead of formal announcement

(Newser) - Former Arizona Congressman JD Hayworth has stepped down from hosting his conservative radio show in Phoenix to run against John McCain for the Senate. Legally, he wouldn't have been able to host the show and be a candidate. Hayworth didn't formally announce, but he acknowledged "we're moving forward to... More »

Far-Right Challenger a Threat to McCain

Talk show host JD Hayworth gets close in new poll

(Newser) - Everyone’s favorite maverick could be unseated in 2010 by a hard-line conservative talk show host who's mulling a bid, a new Rasmussen poll suggests. John McCain leads potential primary opponent JD Hayworth, a local radio host and former House member, by a razor-thin 2%, which is within the poll’... More »

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