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After Boozy Speech, Mariah-Brand Bubbly

Carey strikes while iron's hot with Angel Champagne (Rose)

(Newser) - Striking before the, er, buzz dies down from her boozy awards-show speech, Mariah Carey says she’s launching her own brand of bubbly. Carey blamed her off-kilter Jan. 6 ramblings on “splashes of champagne”; today, she tweeted , “No, seriously ANGEL CHAMPAGNE (ROSE) by MC coming soon!” It’... More »

Mariah's Latest Diva Demands

Carey's latest appearance marked by more ridiculous requests

(Newser) - Famous for her diva behavior, Mariah Carey kept thousands of London fans waiting for nearly an hour before she finally arrived at a holiday lighting ceremony. The Daily Mail runs down her demands for the appearance, all but one of which she got:
  • One hundred white doves and 20 white
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2 Stories