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Investigators Had Eye on Sikh Temple Shooter

But without evidence, they couldn't move on him: source

(Newser) - Federal investigators had their eye on Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page a number of times because they were concerned about his white supremacist ties and background—but never took any action against him, a senior law enforcement source tells the Los Angeles Times . Investigators suspected he may have donated... More »

Sikh Temple Shooter Heavily Involved in Skinhead Scene

Wade Michael Page a member of 2 white power music groups

(Newser) - More details are emerging on Wade Michael Page , the Army vet suspected of killing six at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, and his involvement in white supremacist groups . Over the past 10 years, Page played guitar and sang in at least two skinhead punk bands, Fox News reports: Definite Hate... More »

Neo-Nazi Loses Racist Beliefs—and Tattoos

Pain 'a small price to pay for being human again," Bryon Widner says

(Newser) - Bryon Widner, once one of America's most notorious white supremacists, turned his back on racism—but still had a face covered in racist tattoos. Shunned by society and unable to find work, Widner says he became so desperate he considered dousing his face in acid to remove them. Instead,... More »

Skinhead Mob Attacks Rock Festival

14-year-old girl killed by thugs with iron clubs

(Newser) - A 14-year-old girl was killed and dozens of people injured when a mob of some 100 skinheads armed with iron bars rampaged through a rock concert crowd in central Russia over the weekend. Close to 15 members of the neo-Nazi mob were detained by police, but most of them escaped,... More »

46 Years After Kennedy, the Virus of Hate Is Back

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert panders to dangerous paranoids

(Newser) - Tomorrow’s 46th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination provides an occasion for Mark Warren to examine “the paranoid strain in the American polity” that has reasserted itself since the election of President Obama, and finds in a Texas Republican congressman just the sort of “skinhead reprobate” whose demagoguery... More »

5 Stories