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For My Hyper 7-Year-Old: Coffee

Like Ritalin with fewer side effects, writes Christie Haskell

(Newser) - What do you do when your kid can’t sit still—but you’re concerned about the side effects of Ritalin? One mom offers an unusual remedy that goes against standard medical advice: Give the youngster coffee, she writes at the Stir blog at Cafe Mom . Christie Haskell didn’t... More »

Twitter = Crack, and Other Web Equivalents

YouTube is like shots of tequila; Gmail is caffeine

(Newser) - We all have our favorite Internet time-wasters; now, Patrick Moberg gives us their equivalents in real-world vices:
  • Twitter is crack cocaine: “Fucking ANYONE is your friend. Yuppies do it on their iPhone. Cheap. Short. Fruitless.”
  • Tumblr is a bottle of wine: “A quiet night in with a
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2 Stories