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Private Citizens Chip In to Fight National Debt

But $83M over 50 years not enough for one day's interest

(Newser) - The US government has expanded the national debt from $1.1 trillion to $15 trillion over the past 30 years, but all over the country dedicated citizens are doing what they can to repay those obligations, even if it is just a few dollars at a time, reports the Los ... More »

NYT to Blankfein: Your 'Apology' Is Bull

Editorial board schools Goldman CEO in true meaning of 'sorry'

(Newser) - Lloyd Blankfein took his sweet time acknowledging his firm's role in almost toppling the financial system, and the New York Times editorial board stewed until today, when the paper's audience is largest. The Goldman Sachs CEO said in a speech this week, "We participated in things that were clearly... More »

2 Stories