Belusconi sex scandal

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Businessman Blackmailed Berlusconi: Cops

Italian PM ready to leave his 'shitty' country

(Newser) - The “bunga bunga” fallout continues: Police nabbed an Italian businessman for allegedly blackmailing Silvio Berlusconi in the sex scandal that’s clouded his tenure as prime minister. Giampaolo Tarantini has acknowledged recruiting women for Berlusconi’s alleged sex parties, but he’s maintained that the PM didn’t know... More »

Berlusconi: I'm Too Old to Have All That Sex

Besides, his girlfriend would totally kill him

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is not guilty of all the sexytime you hear about—not that there's anything wrong with it, he says, but because he's just too old. "Even though I am a little brat ... 33 girls in two months seems like too much even for a 30-year-old," he... More »

Prosecutors Call for Berlusconi Sex Trial

Judge asked to grant fast-track trial

(Newser) - Italian prosecutors have filed a request for Premier Silvio Berlusconi to stand trial for alleged abuse of power and sex with an underage prostitute . Authorities are seeking an immediate trial. A judge now has five days to decide whether to indict the 74-year-old leader or dismiss the request, allowing investigations... More »

Inside Berlusconi's 'Bunga Bunga' Room

Prosecutors bare details: stripper pole, nurses' uniforms, and more

(Newser) - The reports of Silvio Berlusconi's activities just got a little more colorful. The Telegraph shares details contained within a 389-page investigation assembled by prosecutors, which exposes the sordid goings-on at the leader's alleged sex parties. They reportedly involved a "bunga bunga" room with sofas and a pole for strip... More »

Berlusconi Flew Pot to Call Girls on Private Jet

Says one of those call girls, an aspiring model

(Newser) - The tawdry allegations against Silvio Berlusconi just keep on coming: Now, a call girl (who claims the Italian premier paid her more than $14,000 for sex) says he used his private jet to supply marijuana to the sex parties at his villa. “There was grass available in all... More »

'It's Better to Like Beautiful Girls Than Be Gay': Berlusconi

Italian PM offers up an interesting defense

(Newser) - Despite calls for his resignation , Silvio Berlusconi will not step down—or apologize—following reports of his involvement with a 17-year-old belly dancer. His defense: “It’s better to like beautiful girls than to be gay,” Ireland's RTÉ reports. At a motorcycle industry show, he insisted he hadn’... More »

Berlusconi Is Sick: Catholic Media

Italian PM accused of intervening in teen girl's theft case

(Newser) - A major Catholic magazine in Italy has blasted Silvio Berlusconi for having what it calls “a disease, something uncontrollable” when it comes to women, the Daily Telegraph reports. The latest accusation in the PM’s never-dull love life: That he stepped in and helped get an underage girl out... More »

Berlusconi Loses $105M Villa in Divorce

Veronica Lario will take reduced alimony payment

(Newser) - Love hurts, but it's divorce that's pummeling Silvio Berlusconi's wallet, reports the Independent . He's agreed to fork over a $105 million villa that soon-to-be ex-wife Veronica Lario is extremely attached to, and she in return will settle for alimony much less than the $5.3 million a month she had... More »

Rock Star of the Year? Berlusconi

Italian premier Silvio wins title thanks to sexy lifestyle

(Newser) - He might be 73, paunchy, and balding, but Silvio Berlusconi is still a rock star, says Italy’s Rolling Stone. The Italian premier was named “Rockstar of the Year” by the mag because he has a “lifestyle worthy of the greatest rock stars,” the AP reports. We... More »

Lovers Dish on Sex With Berlusconi, Mussolini

Turns out El Duche was a douche

(Newser) - Benito Mussolini and Silvio Berlusconi: Both charismatic leaders of Italy, both wildly popular, both…voracious sexual omnivores. The Independent takes a look at two recent publications—a diary by Mussolini’s mistress, and a memoir by a prostitute who supposedly spent two nights with Berlusconi. A sampling of the salacious... More »

Call Girl Targeted After Tattling on Berlusconi

Book reveals randy details about prime minister's 'harem'

(Newser) - A call girl was attacked and threatened after she revealed she slept with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, she reveals in a new book. Soon after she tattled, a mystery car tried to ram Patrizia D'Addario as she drove near her home, she writes. "It was a miracle I... More »

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