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New Woe for Teens: 'Facebook Depression'

Poor self-image plus Facebook's constant updates can spell trouble

(Newser) - They call it "Facebook depression," and whether it's a new phenomenon or a new twist on an old problem, researchers say it's a real and growing issue for teens. With its much-touted friends' tallies and constant photos and status updates highlighting all the great times everyone else is... More »

How to Beat 'Facebook Envy'

Meghan Daum: Look at your page; maybe you're not such a loser after all

(Newser) - A recent Stanford study has brought the phrase "Facebook envy" into the vernacular, notes Meghan Daum. Essentially, people tend to think everyone else is way happier than themselves, a notion particularly reinforced by the site. Spend enough time cruising through all those oh-so-joyful photos and announcements posted by others,... More »

Facebook to Quit Flashing Pictures of Your Ex

Facebook changes 'Photo Memories' algorithm after complaints

(Newser) - Facebook has heard your sad, lonely-hearted cries, and will from now on stop rubbing pictures of your ex in your face. In case you have been blessedly spared this phenomenon, some Facebook pages sport a “Photo Memories” box that shows you old photos from your friends—and which, until... More »

Depressed Woman Parties on Facebook, Sick Leave Yanked

Canadian on sick leave posted party pics

(Newser) - After a year and a half on sick leave for depression, a Canadian woman lost her benefits—because of her Facebook page. Nathalie Blanchard says the insurance company that cut off her payments cited Facebook photos that show her partying at a Chippendales show, enjoying her birthday, and frolicking on... More »

4 Stories