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Bernanke Nom Builds Steam

Geithner, Dodd, Gregg all 'very confident' he'll win second term

(Newser) - Amid gathering clouds over his reconfirmation parade, Ben Bernanke's chances have appeared to turn around, with Tim Geithner joining key banking committee senators Chris Dodd and Judd Gregg in saying he is "very confident" the Fed chair would succeed. A White House aide further confirmed to Politico that President... More »

Boxer, Feingold Oppose Another Bernanke Term

Liberal Democrats join rising tide against Fed chair's reappointment

(Newser) - Two Democratic senators said today they won't vote to reappoint Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman. Barbara Boxer and Russell Feingold added to the groundswell of opposition imperiling a second 4-year term for Bernanke, which requires 60 votes. “Our next Federal Reserve chairman must represent a clean break from the... More »

Ron Paul Poised to Finally Pass Fed Audits

For first time in nine tries, amendment goes to House floor

(Newser) - For Ron Paul, it's got to be sweet. The financial regulatory reform bill that opened for debate in the House today contains Paul's amendment to subject the Fed to congressional audit—his ninth try in 11 years in office to get a Fed-curbing proposal into play. Until now, none of... More »

Congress' New Whipping Boy: The Fed

Bernanke & Co. run into populist ire over Wall St bailouts, unemployment

(Newser) - When Fed Chair Ben Bernanke goes before Congress next month seeking a second term, he'll run straight into cantankerous legislators riding a tide of populist rage over the Wall Street bailout and high unemployment. While the Fed acted decisively to bail out the financial markets last year, it's widely viewed... More »

4 Stories