Federal Bureau of Investigation

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FBI: No Civil War Gold Here. Treasure Hunters: Oh Yeah?

Father-son team think the agency secretly grabbed up to $250M worth of the precious metal in Pa.

(Newser) - The father-son duo of Dennis and Kem Parada spent years combing a bit of Pennsylvania wilderness with high-end metal detectors to prospect for a fabled cache of Civil War gold. They felt certain they'd found the hiding place, but at the end of the court-sanctioned excavation, the FBI in... More »

Countering Trump's Attacks, FBI Director Backs the 'Brave'

Tens of thousands of agents are 'working their tails off,' says Christopher Wray

(Newser) - FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday countered strident attacks on his agency by President Trump, saying, "There is no finer institution than the FBI." Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee as Democrats and Republicans clashed over the significance of Trump's attacks, reports the AP . In a... More »

Feds to Pull Plug on Search for New FBI HQ

GSA to announce an end to a 10-year hunt for replacement to decrepit Hoover building

(Newser) - Ten years of house-hunting are at an apparent end for the FBI after reports that the federal government has decided to nix the search for new headquarters for the agency. Officials from the General Services Administration, which handles federal real estate, tell the Washington Post they'll officially announce the... More »

Comey Heard the News, Thought It Was a Joke

Democrats call for independent Russia investigation

(Newser) - President Trump's firing of James Comey was so unexpected that the FBI director initially thought it was a joke, sources tell the New York Times . Comey was addressing FBI employees in Los Angeles when news of his firing flashed on a TV screen, insiders say. He said he thought... More »

Here's What's Inside the FBI's File on Muhammad Ali

Bureau kept tabs on the boxer in 1966

(Newser) - The FBI kept an eye on Muhammad Ali for a period of time in 1966, according to newly released documents posted on the FBI's website . In the documents, the FBI insisted that Ali himself was not under investigation, but that the Nation of Islam was—and Ali was of... More »

2 Months Later, FBI Can't Unlock San Bernardino Terrorist's Phone

James Comey testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee

(Newser) - The FBI is still being thwarted by an encrypted phone in the San Bernardino terrorist shooting investigation. "We still have one of those killers' phones that we haven’t been able to open," FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, per the Los Angeles Times... More »

The FBI Is Now Tracking Animal Abusers

Animal cruelty is now tracked along with other crimes like homicide

(Newser) - This year, for the first time, the FBI will track animal abuse the same way it tracks crimes such as homicide, arson, and assault. After years of lobbying, the bureau agreed in 2014 to make animal cruelty a Class A felony with its own category, and started tracking cases this... More »

FBI: We're Going to Start Counting Deaths by Cop Better

New system will list deadly encounters by gun, Taser, physical force

(Newser) - The FBI is finally on the case: The agency is revamping its data-collection system to more accurately portray how many deaths come at the hands of police officers each year, the Guardian reports, giving itself a pat on the back as part of the impetus behind the initiative. Officials say... More »

FBI's Primary Mission? Not Law Enforcement Anymore

In change, it's now 'national security'

(Newser) - The FBI fact sheet used to read, "The primary function of the FBI is law enforcement." But now, Foreign Policy reports, it's been changed to read, "The primary function of the FBI is national security." It's no big surprise, considering that ever since 9/11,... More »

PETA: FBI Investigated Us for Anthrax Plot

Details of 1997 investigation released

(Newser) - Not your everyday revelation: In 1997 the FBI investigated PETA over claims that the animal rights group was planning an anthrax attack on a facility near Washington, DC. The tidbit comes compliments of PETA itself, which obtained the FBI records this year through a FOIA request and passed them along... More »

FBI: Our Economic Data Is at Risk

Flaw in system could allow hackers to access 'black box'

(Newser) - The FBI has found "a number of operational vulnerabilities" in the system the government uses to protect sensitive economic information, the Wall Street Journal reports. As part of its long-running attempt to figure out what's behind the suspicious trading activity that often precedes major economic news, the bureau... More »

SEC Digging for a Mole on Wall Street

Issues subpoenas to get to the bottom of health care leaks

(Newser) - The SEC is trying to ferret out who leaked word of a coming government health care decision to stock traders, allowing them to get an unfair jump on the competition. The agency has issued subpoenas to a number of companies and individuals related to the case, the Washington Post reports.... More »

FBI's Most Popular Public Document Is Flying Saucer Memo

Hottel memo has 1M hits, but, alas, it's 'no smoking gun'

(Newser) - Of the 6,700 documents that the FBI has posted publicly at its Vault since 2011, the most popular of them all is ... a 1950 memo on UFOs, reports Live Science . In the so-called Hottel memo, an agent recounts that someone reported seeing three "flying saucers" that crashed in... More »

US Spy Chiefs: Cyber Threat Is on Par With Terrorism

Cyber Command looks to go on offense

(Newser) - With China , Iran , and other countries increasingly hacking the United States, its infrastructure, and its companies, the Pentagon is stepping up its cyber defense operations in a major way—provided Washington's budget battles don't hamstring its efforts, reports the Washington Post . Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of the... More »

Gun Background Checks Miss Millions of Mentally Ill

Many states don't share mental-health records with FBI

(Newser) - Millions of mentally ill people could pass a gun background check today, because many states simply don't bother submitting mental-health records to the FBI, according to reports today in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal . Thanks to a 1997 Supreme Court ruling, states don't have... More »

FBI Suspected Ray Bradbury of Communist Leanings

Huffington Post unveils writer's FBI file

(Newser) - Ray Bradbury's criticism of the government got him investigated by the FBI in the 1960s as a suspected Communist sympathizer, according to FBI files obtained by the Huffington Post via a FOIA request. Bradbury was reported to the FBI by screenwriter Martin Berkeley, who years earlier had told the... More »

FBI Getting Sued by ... Insane Clown Posse

Band says its fans, Juggalos, are not a gang

(Newser) - Last year, the FBI named the Juggalos , fans of the clown-faced hip-hop band Insane Clown Posse, as a "hybrid gang." Now, the ICP is fighting back, telling fans yesterday that the band will sue the FBI, reports the Village Voice . The danger, says the band, is that as... More »

Would-Be Agent Sues FBI Over Single Pushup

Jay Bauer says FBI standards unfair to men

(Newser) - Jay Bauer quit his job as an assistant professor, passed a fitness test to enter the FBI's new-agent training program, scored near the top of his class in every area, was selected to be the class leader … and then failed to pass the fitness exam at the FBI... More »

FBI, CIA Infighting Killed Chance to Gain 9/11 Intel

Bureau could have accessed calls in Afghanistan pre-2001: UK court

(Newser) - The FBI missed a big chance to gain intel—compliments of a tapped phone network in Afghanistan—before 9/11 because it was busy fighting with the CIA, according to testimony heard yesterday in Britain's House of Commons. Stay with us on this one: As the Guardian reports, the revelation... More »

Inside Steve Jobs' FBI File: 'A Deceptive Individual'

Apple founder's character questioned by many interviewees

(Newser) - Steve Jobs had an FBI file, assembled during a 1991 background check when Jobs was being considered for an appointment by George HW Bush, and the agency has just made it public after a FOIA request from the Wall Street Journal . Read all 191 pages here , or check out highlights... More »

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