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Oprah Finale Draws Biggest Audience Since 1994

And it's not the only TV finale drawing eyeballs this week

(Newser) - It's starting to look like Americans haven't moved from the couch all week. Early numbers show yesterday's finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show drew the most viewers it has had in 17 years. The final episode—which featured no guests , but rather a personal conversation between Oprah,... More »

The Race to Be the Next Oprah

Conan, Ellen, Sarah all deserve a look

(Newser) - \With Oprah leaving her show in the all-too-near future, people have been clamoring to find the heir to her daytime throne. The Boston Globe offers a few outside-the-box suggestions. More »

What's Next for Oprah's Sidekicks

The big O's departure could upset a lot of apple carts

(Newser) - Oprah’s exit from broadcast TV could have big implications for the protégés and hangers-on who owe her their careers. The Chicago Sun-Times looks at what’s next for the denizens of Planet Oprah:
  • Gayle King: O, the Oprah Magazine should keep on trucking, so King, its editor-at-large,
... More »

3 Stories