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Space Station Is About to Get Much, Much Cooler

Cold Atom Lab is coming in August

(Newser) - You're about to feel much kinder toward Earth's chilly winter months. This summer, the International Space Station will become host to the coldest spot in the universe when NASA delivers a chamber that is more than 100 million times colder than deep space, which is itself far chillier... More »

IBM Makes World's Smallest Movie

Starring: carbon monoxide molecules

(Newser) - The star of this movie was ready for its close-up—so ready it was magnified 100 million times. A Boy And His Atom is officially the world's smallest film, created by IBM by manipulating thousands of carbon monoxide molecules into an animated stop-motion short, reports the Telegraph . The film,... More »

Scientists Pin Down Antimatter

CERN researchers move closer to solving key physics mysteries

(Newser) - Scientists at CERN have found a way to “trap” antimatter for some 16 minutes—enough time to examine it. It’s a big step forward in attempting to solve one of nature’s biggest questions, the Telegraph notes. When particles of matter and antimatter collide, they’re destroyed. Around... More »

We Just Moved Closer to Teleportation

How 'you' can be in 2 places at once

(Newser) - It's a tongue-twister, and it can get messy, but "quantum entanglement" may one day make it possible to teleport people across the galaxy faster than the speed of light. And it won't happen like Star Trek, with people beaming from one place to another. Rather, it involves quantum mechanics... More »

At Last, Collider Gets Atoms Smashing

First proton beams collide in huge contraption

(Newser) - For the first time, the world’s largest, most expensive science experiment worked as it was supposed to today, with the Large Hadron Collider sending beams of protons smashing into each other—as envisioned when it first opened in 2008. The 17-mile track underneath the French-Swiss Alps has seen more... More »

5 Stories