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'Viagra Condom' Hopes to Buoy Endurance

Prophylactic contains gel to boost blood flow

(Newser) - A British biotech company has come up with a kind of protection it thinks men will be eager to use. Dubbed the “Viagra Condom,” its nickname is a bit misleading: It’s not targeted at men with erectile dysfunction. Instead, the new condom comes pre-loaded with a vasodilating... More »

Small Condoms a Big Problem for Marketers

(Newser) - Judging by the average convenience store condom selection, men with small penises do not exist. Selling small condoms is difficult for marketers, so most brands have opted not to bother, writes Menachem Kaiser of the Atlantic . LifeStyles’ “Snugger Fit” designation is about as straightforward as it gets. Durex has... More »

Durex Targets Heat-Seeking 'Pleasurati' in Condom Ads

Company paints itself as the pick of mature pleasure seekers

(Newser) - Second-place condom maker Durex has rolled out a juiced up identity in its latest ad campaign, Advertising Age reports. Advertising execs—who say their research shows that market leader Trojan is seen as the "boy scout" condom and No. 3 brand Lifestyle as the choice of swingers—are... More »

Condom Testers Needed Down Under

Aussie condom maker is looking for a few good men...and women

(Newser) - One of the world's largest manufacturers of condoms has posted what the Sydney Morning Herald calls the world's best job - condom tester.  There is a catch, well actually several.  You must be Australian, there is no pay, and you have to state your, er..., qualifications in a... More »

4 Stories