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GOP Candidate: Birthers Are 'Dumbasses'

Ken Buck opens his mouth, another faux pas falls out

(Newser) - Straight from the candidate who gave you a minor controversy over high-heels and bullshit comes another flap over his opinion of those demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. US Senate candidate Ken Buck of Colorado was taped without his knowledge referring to birthers as "dumbasses." Or, as... More »

Vitter Backs Birther Lawsuits

Distrusts 'mainstream media' on Obama birth certificate

(Newser) - Sen. David Vitter says he supports conservative organizations challenging President Barack Obama's citizenship in court. The Louisiana Republican, who is running for re-election, made the comments at a town hall-style event in Metairie, La., on Sunday when a constituent asked what he would do about what the questioner said was... More »

39% of Republicans Want Obama Impeached

And 36% believe he's foreign-born, says Daily Kos poll

(Newser) - Self-identified Republicans are more than unhappy with President Obama—63% think he’s a socialist—and a host of other social ills, says a survey commissioned by liberal blog Daily Kos . Regarding Obama, 39% of the 2,003 Republican respondents say the president should be impeached, 36% believe he was... More »

Lou Dobbs: Obama Birth Questions 'Common Sense'

Left creates 'toxicity' by harping on controversy

(Newser) - Lou Dobbs might’ve softened on illegal immigration as he weighs politics in his post-CNN life, but still isn’t sold that President Obama was born in the US. “When you can create a controversy by asking what seems to me still a perfectly commonsense question?” he says in... More »

Birther Queen Taitz: Take Up Arms vs. Obama

Organize armed militias against 'Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper'

(Newser) - In taking to court her contention that Barack Obama can’t be president because he’s foreign-born, Orly Taitz has been on the receiving end of much judicial scorn, and big fines. But her latest suggestion could land her in hotter water: She writes today that Americans should “bare... More »

Orly Taitz Helper Has Scotland Yard Training

Former British detective puts his skills to use for birthers

(Newser) - Orly Taitz isn’t the only influential foreign-born “birther” trying to prove that Barack Obama is himself foreign-born. Meet Neil Sankey, a former British detective and naturalized American citizen who is using his Scotland Yard skills to look for dirt on the president's origins. Taitz, for one, says he's... More »

6 Stories