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Google Not Fighting Holocaust Deniers in Search Results

But company says it rarely removes content from search results

(Newser) - Stormfront has the dubious distinction, via the Southern Poverty Law Center , of being "the first major hate site on the Internet." That online longevity has also helped it earn the top spot in Google's search results when users type "Did the Holocaust happen" into the search... More »

Google Will Delete Revenge Porn From Search Results

People will be able to fill out online requests soon

(Newser) - Google is putting its heavy muscle behind the movement to wipe out revenge porn . The company announced yesterday that it would honor requests to remove such images from search results, reports the Christian Science Monitor . Online forms will be available in a matter of weeks. "Our philosophy has always... More »

Google Must Erase Certain Links If Asked: EU Court

Decision aims to protect individual privacy

(Newser) - If you want certain articles or court documents removed when your name is Googled—and you live in Europe—the search giant must comply, Europe's top court says. The ruling, which affects all search engines, focuses on privacy protection and the "right to be forgotten" in Europe, the... More »

Shopping on Google? Only Advertised Items to Appear

The products that appear on top will be the ones Google is paid most to feature

(Newser) - Google Product Search will soon become Google Shopping, and the new name will be accompanied by a big, and potentially irksome, change to the service. In a nutshell, companies will now have to pay for their position in search results. "We are starting to transition Google Product Search in... More »

Japan Court to Google: Switch Off AutoComplete

Man complained that results ruined his life

(Newser) - A Japanese court has ruled in favor of a man who blames Google's autocomplete search function for his failure to find a job. The court ordered the search engine to switch off the feature for the man's name after hearing that when it was typed in, results connecting... More »

For Gaming Search Results, Google Punishes ... Google

Bloggers were paid for links to Chrome

(Newser) - Google cracks down on companies all the time for trying to mess with its vaunted search results, and it turns out that itself is no exception: Hundreds of bloggers were paid for putting up sponsored links to Google Chrome, with most of the posts containing the kind of irrelevant "... More »

US Busts 'Explosive' Online Seller Who Bullied Customers

Vitaly Borker charged with cyberstalking

(Newser) - An online merchant who bragged about using customer complaints to rise through Google rankings has been busted on charges including cyberstalking, the making of interstate threats, and wire fraud. Investigators seized firearms and ammunition from Vitaly Borker's home along with boxes of apparently counterfeit eyeglasses, the New York Post reports.... More »

Google Tweaks Search to Weed Out Bad Businesses

Bullying customers is no longer a ladder to the top

(Newser) - Apparently bad customer service will no longer snag you a spot at the top of Google search results. The search giant announced yesterday that, in the wake of an article about an online retailer who did just that , it will change the way it ranks search results to avoid similar... More »

How One Company Bullied Its Way to the Top of Google actually wants bad publicity

(Newser) - Clarabelle Rodriguez has been overcharged, cussed out, called names, harassed with late-night phone calls, and threatened with sexual violence—yet the eyewear company that allegedly subjected her to all this, over a disputed order, continues to thrive—thanks to the customers that find it sitting at the top of their... More »

Google Issues Disclaimer Over Racist Michelle Image

But company won't pull doctored photo

(Newser) - Hackers have doctored a photo of Michelle Obama to look like an ape and rigged Google search results so it comes up first under an image search of her name. The move prompted Google to take out an ad on the results page, reading in part, “Sometimes our search... More »

10 Stories