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Flying East Is a Pain for Your Brain

Biological clock prefers a longer day achieved by flying west: study

(Newser) - A flight from Paris to New York is easier on the brain than one from New York to Paris, according to a new study that finds jet lag is based not only on distance traveled, but also the direction of travel. In the journal Chaos , researchers from the University of... More »

Study Finds 'Fast and Efficient' Way to Stop Jet Lag

And you can do it while you sleep

(Newser) - Researchers at Stanford University have discovered what a press release calls a "fast and efficient" way to stop jet lag before it starts: repeatedly flashing light into your eyes while you sleep. "If you are flying to New York tomorrow, tonight you use the light therapy," Dr.... More »

Airbus Thinks It Can Reduce Your Jet Lag

New line of jets has LED lights designed to help

(Newser) - If it works, it could be an air-traveling perk to trump all others: no more jet lag. Airbus is making the bold claim that it can at least reduce the malady for those aboard its new A350 XWB line of jets. The main tool is a set of LED lights... More »

Scientists Uncover Clue to Jet Lag

Blame a protein called SIK1

(Newser) - The next time you're battling jet lag, go ahead and curse SIK1. That's the protein that apparently prevents our body clocks from resetting, according to a new study . Researchers studied some 100 genes that start working when they're exposed to light to help recalibrate one's body... More »

Body Clock Drug Could Cure Depression, Jet Lag, Obesity

Circadian manipulator resets rhythms in mice

(Newser) - Scientists have developed a drug that can manipulate the body clocks of mice—opening up the possibilities of treating such wide-ranging disorders as jet lag, manic depression, and obesity. The drug, developed by a team of British and American scientists, can adjust the circadian rhythms of mice by altering a... More »

New Drug Promises Better Sleep for the Jet-Lagged

Substance works a lot like today's popular but unregulated melatonin supplements

(Newser) - A new drug promises to put an end to jet lag and enable better sleep for travelers, swing-shift crews, and insomniacs, the Economist reports. Tasimelteon works a lot like today's popular but unregulated melatonin supplements, bonding with brain receptors to stimulate melatonin production and REM sleep. The distinction is significant... More »

Jet Lag Pill Can Reboot Biological Clock

New drug could replace addictive sedatives as travel cure

(Newser) - A new drug could allow travelers to fly past jet lag without the lingering drowsiness of addictive sedatives, the BBC reports. The drug resets natural sleep rhythms by adjusting the body’s sleep hormone, melatonin, allowing sleep to come sooner and last longer. If approved, Tasimelteon could provide welcome relief... More »

To Beat Jet Lag, Skip Airline Food

Fasting can help reset your internal clock, study says

(Newser) - Jet lag can be beaten—if passengers avoid airline food, new research suggests. The timing of meals has a profound effect on the body's internal rhythms, and passengers who go without for a while—keeping the body's "food-related clock" in check—can dodge much of the exhausting effects of... More »

From Night Owl to Early Bird?

Altering caffeine, light, can help mold sleep patterns

(Newser) - For those wide-eyed deep into the night, rising and shining with the early birds might seem like an elusive dream that comes to a jarring end each morning. But for this 5% to 30% of the population, understanding circadian rhythms can benefit their tired eyes more than chugging coffee. The... More »

Boeing 787 Debuts 7/08/07

New fuel-efficient jet promised improved passenger comfort, comeback for beleaguered company

(Newser) - Boeing will unveil its first new plane in 13 years tomorrow, the fuel-efficient, wide-bodied 787 Dreamliner, which pioneers the use of composite materials made of carbon fibers and promises increased passenger comfort. The 787 has already scored a record-breaking 640 orders, representing a comeback for the company, plagued in recent... More »

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