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Most Fish We Eat Die in a Surprising Way

They asphyxiate, slowly, and advocates pushing to change that note that the fish will taste better

(Newser) - If you've recently eaten fish, a story at Topic provides what might be a revelation about how that fish almost certainly died: It asphyxiated, slowly. The story, however, is not a plea for people to stop eating fish. Rather, it explains that advocates are pushing to switch to an... More »

With Prices at $2K a Pound, Feds Crack Down on Eel Poaching

'Operation Broken Glass' targets illegal trade

(Newser) - Changes in the worldwide sushi industry have turned live baby American eels into a commodity that can fetch more than $2,000 a pound at the dock, but the big demand and big prices have spawned a black market that wildlife officials say is jeopardizing the species. Law enforcement authorities... More »

They Call Him the 'Codfather.' It's Not Exactly a Compliment

Carlos Rafael has become rich using unsavory methods—but is there another way?

(Newser) - Almost as soon as the profanity-hurling fisherman sporting an electronic bracelet sauntered into the fish auction, Brendan Borrell knew he was seeing the Codfather. In his piece for Hakai Magazine , Borrell dives into the murky waters around Carlos Rafael, the 65-year-old he describes as "the most powerful man" in... More »

Days May Be Numbered for UK's Beloved Fish and Chips

Squid are moving in as waters warm up

(Newser) - Britain's beloved national dish of fish and chips may have to be updated for changing times—along with the saying "plenty of fish in the sea." Researchers say that cold-water fish like cod and haddock traditionally used in the dish are vanishing from British waters as the... More »

Unusual Way to Help Whales: Colored Lobster Rope

Scientists say it can cut down on entanglements

(Newser) - Preventing endangered northern right whales from becoming entangled in lobster gear could be as simple as changing the color of rope, a whale researcher says. If the whales can see the fishing gear more clearly, then they are better able to avoid it, says Scott Kraus, a leading researcher on... More »

Fishermen Fight Enemy in Court—Sea Otters

They want otter-free zone off California coast

(Newser) - Southern California fishermen have gone to court to protect their catch from sea otters. The industry has filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the US Fish and Wildlife Service reinstate a no-otter zone off part of the coast, reports Courthouse News Service . It seems the sea otters love to hoover... More »

Slaves May Be Catching the Fish You Eat: Report

15 Burmese workers beaten, forced to work for Thai crew

(Newser) - A new report by UK activists points to slave labor in the Thai fishing industry—whose biggest buyer happens to be the US. The Environmental Justice Foundation report , published Wednesday, cites a case of slave labor in which 15 Burmese people, paid little or nothing, were allegedly beaten and forced... More »

Move to Save Fishing Industry Could Kill It

Cod fishermen say slashed Gulf of Maine quotas will spell doom

(Newser) - Faced with dangerously declining cod stocks, New England fisheries officials voted yesterday to massively cut cod quotas—down 77% from last year's catch for the next three years in the Gulf of Maine, and by 61% for the next year in Georges Bank, near Cape Cod, reports the New ... More »

Fukushima Fish Go on Sale

Octopus, marine snails tested negative for radiation

(Newser) - Today you can buy fish caught off Japan's Fukushima coastline for the first time since the disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant last year, although you're stuck with octopus or whelk, a type of marine snail. Testing showed no detectable radiation, but radiation fears are still keeping... More »

Fishing Haul Way Down in Estuary Near BP Spill

But overall in Louisiana, numbers were about the same

(Newser) - The seafood stats are in for the Gulf's 2011 harvest, and though the finger-pointing (at BP and the oil spill, of course) has begun, the numbers paint a complicated picture. Last year was the first full year of fishing since the spill, and some areas definitely saw a depressed... More »

EU: End Waste, Give Unwanted Fish to Poor

Millions of tons of fish thrown away at sea

(Newser) - Europe's fishermen need to stop throwing millions of tons of unwanted fish back into the sea every year, the European Union's fisheries chief has decided. Maria Damanaki has outlined a plan to end the practice of throwing back the edible fish, almost all of which die. The unwanted... More »

Lethal Virus Hits Pacific Salmon

Atlantic salmon disease has devastated fish stocks elsewhere

(Newser) - The backbone of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem—and a multi-billion dollar industry—is in serious danger, scientists warn. A lethal and highly contagious virus has been found for the first time in wild salmon in the region, having possibly spread from fish farms that imported millions of Atlantic salmon eggs,... More »

Marine Scientists: Ban Deep-Sea Fishing

Stocks are being dangerously depleted, they warn

(Newser) - A group of marine scientists has issued a damning report about deep-sea fishing and called for the practice to be banned, reports the Washington Post . The paper in the journal Marine Policy says it's not so much fishing as "mining" and the sea is more like a "... More »

Japan Fallout: What That Radioactive Water Means

Effect should be limited experts say

(Newser) - Should the Japanese be worried about the tens of thousands of tons of radioactive water that Tokyo Electric started dumping into the Pacific yesterday? Yes and no. The water around the Fukushima plant is likely to be contaminated for years, experts tell the Wall Street Journal , but the danger elsewhere... More »

World Running Out of Fishing Grounds

Industry has overfished nearly every part of the oceans

(Newser) - The world's fishing industry has now exploited nearly every part of the world's oceans and has no choice left but to shift to more sustainable methods, a new study concludes. "We knew the expansion was going on, but this is the first time we have quantified it," a... More »

Gulf Workers Not Buying Good News

Many distrust reports oil has dissipated

(Newser) - The Gulf leak appears to be permanently plugged and feds believe only a quarter of the oil remains but Gulf coast residents aren't ready to start cheering. Many—wary after earlier assurances proved false—are skeptical about reports the oil has been absorbed by Mother Nature and fear it could... More »

Why the Oil in This Crab Could Be Very Bad News

Effects in small sea creatures could ripple upwards

(Newser) - Scientists are reporting early signs that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is altering the marine food web by killing or tainting some creatures while spurring the growth of others more suited to a polluted environment. Near the spill site scientists have found a massive die-off of pyrosomes, which endangered... More »

Gulf Shrimpers, Out of a Job, Work for BP

Oil giant pays victims competitive wages to clean up its mess

(Newser) - For shrimpers on the Gulf of Mexico unable to practice their trade because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, one employment option remains: working for BP, the company that destroyed their livelihood. The oil giant's "Vessels of Opportunity" program covers costs and pays trawlers close to what they would... More »

If Sushi's Your Turkey Cure, Steer Clear of 'Ex-Lax Fish'

Anal seepage among pitfalls of escolar, aka white tuna

(Newser) - There’s likely to come a point in the next few days when you’re sick of turkey, but if sushi is your proposed cure, be sure to steer clear of a fish that comes with a side of anal seepage: escolar. Sometimes seen on menus as “white tuna,... More »

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