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Lawyers for Occupy Protesters: Drop Charges...

...or we'll overload the court system

(Newser) - If prosecutors don’t drop the charges against the roughly 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested so far in New York, they will—as the Daily News puts it—“Occupy the Courts.” Lawyers for the protesters are urging the DA’s office to dismiss all charges, saying that... More »

Courts Mull Restitution for Victims of Child Porn

Some argue that monetary damages are civil, not criminal matter

(Newser) - The latest conundrum in child pornography law is restitution, as courts try to nail down whether simply possessing offending images constitutes harm to the victim—and how much that damage is worth. A year ago, a man in possession of 10-year-old pictures of “Amy” was ordered to pay her... More »

Judge Who? No Placard for Ito After Many Thefts

He even tried gluing it on, to no avail

(Newser) - Of all the people damaged by the OJ Simpson trial, Lance Ito’s tale is perhaps the saddest—err, most mundane. The poor presiding judge’s name became so famous that the placard announcing him outside his courtroom was repeatedly pilfered over the years. He tried everything, the Los Angeles ... More »

3 Stories