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NYC Building Plans Separate Entrances for Rich, Poor

Wants those who live in affordable housing to enter through alley

(Newser) - Yes, this is the year 2013, and yet: A planned luxury tower on Manhattan's Upper West Side may have two separate entrances, one for the affluent people living in its waterfront condos and one for the less well-to-do folks living in its 55 low-income units. The developer is looking... More »

Wheelchair Activist Sues 39 Stores; Some Cry 'Extortion'

Linda Slone wants wheelchair access in her NYC nabe

(Newser) - A handicapped New Yorker is suing 39 stores in her neighborhood for lacking wheelchair access—a legal crusade that some shop owners are likening to extortion, the New York Post reports. Linda Slone, 64, is demanding $500 in damages and up to $15,000 in experts' and lawyers' fees in... More »

Nanny Was Sick of Being 'Told What to Do'

Yoselyn Ortega says boss 'knows what happened'

(Newser) - The New York City nanny charged with killing two children in her care was fed up with being bossed around, she reportedly told detectives from her hospital bed. "She had resentment towards the parents," because "they were always telling her what to do," says a police... More »

Rent Obama's Old Apartment for $2.4K a Month

NYC 2-bedroom went up in price

(Newser) - Barack Obama's old New York apartment needs new tenants. For $2,400 a month, you can live like—well, if not a king, then at least a future president. The two-bedroom Upper West Side abode was last available two years ago, Daily Intel notes, for just $1,900 a... More »

Stewart: Mosque in Woody Allen's Building?

What, do cable crazies think it's 1976?

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has some problems with news anchors' rants about the planned "Ground Zero Mosque." It's not a mosque, it's a cultural center, and it's not at Ground Zero, but on Park Place on the "hallowed ground" of a former Burlington Coat Factory. Then there's the Fox... More »

Woman Kills Son, 8, in Posh NYC Hotel: Cops

Socialite's child apparently OD's in failed murder-suicide

(Newser) - An 8-year-old boy was found dead today in a luxury hotel in Manhattan after his socialite mother apparently botched a murder-suicide attempt, police say. Gigi Jordan, 49, was taken to Bellevue Hospital after being found "babbling incoherently" in her $600-a-night room at the Peninsula New York on Fifth Avenue.... More »

4 Dead After Shooting in Manhattan

Father, son, and grandson are among the victims

(Newser) - A man and his son and grandson were found shot to death in an apartment in an upscale Manhattan neighborhood today, with a fourth man found dead in the back yard and a wounded woman taken to a hospital, police said. The three family members were found inside the third-floor... More »

NYC Man Jumps to His Death—In Front of Kids

Friends say 53-year-old showed no signs he was suicidal

(Newser) - A New York man leapt from his apartment window to his death last night while his young daughters looked on in horror. “There were never any signs of problems,” a friend tells the Post . “I'd never expect anything like this from him.” The 53-year-old died instantly... More »

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