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World's 1st 'Climate Refugees' Find a Home

New Zealand accepts family from island nation of Tuvalu

(Newser) - Mark your calendar: The age of modern climate-change refugees may have just begun. New Zealand has agreed to let the family of Sigeo Alesana, a teacher, migrate from Tuvalu, a Polynesian island nation where rising salt water is said to be polluting the drinking water, the Smithsonian and Radio New... More »

Earhart's Wreckage Not Caught on Video, Say Experts

Court battle continues over donations to search

(Newser) - News from another, far older search for a missing plane: Experts yesterday filed court statements saying underwater video at the heart of a lawsuit doesn't show Amelia Earhart's plane after all, the AP reports. At the center of the saga, and suit, is the claim from a donor... More »

Climate Change Killing Pacific Island Nation

Businessweek profiles Kiribati, a desperate, sinking, place

(Newser) - Kiribati in the central Pacific looks like a dream vacation spot. But for its 103,000 citizens, the turquoise water surrounding the nation's 33 islands is ever creeping. Before the end of this century, it will drown most of the 310 square miles of land the I-Kiribati live on,... More »

Future Nobel? Neutrinos Discovery Heralds 'New Era for Astronomy'

They were found at the South Pole, and they're out of this world

(Newser) - Scientists at the South Pole have found visitors from outside our solar system, but instead of little green men, think "ghostly neutrino particles," in the words of . Twenty-eight of them to be exact, all detected by a special observatory called IceCube in Antarctica. Ars Technica has... More »

Entire Pacific Nation Might Move to Fiji

Kiribati considers backup plan as sea levels rise

(Newser) - The Pacific archipelago of Kiribati is so worried about rising water levels that the government might just move everyone to Fiji, the AP reports. The president's Cabinet has approved a plan to buy 6,000 acres on Fiji's main island in case Kiribati's 103,000 residents need... More »

Samoa Tops List of Fattest Countries

Also, Samoa is a US territory, so...yay?

(Newser) - From Pacific islands to Eastern Europe, the world is fat. The cause is the same almost everywhere, Laurie Cunningham writes for Global Post : increased access to processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. The top victims of "globesity:"
  1. American Samoa: Percentage of population that's overweight: 93.5. The tiny Pacific
... More »

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