Sir Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton Wanted to Turn Lead Into Gold

The renowned physicist moonlighted as an alchemist

(Newser) - When he wasn't helping to establish modern physics (or getting bonked on the head by apples), Sir Isaac Newton devoted himself to uncovering the secrets of the "philosopher's stone"—a mythical concoction that was said to turn lead into gold. In fact, Newton wrote more than... More »

Fun Facts About Apple

Computer giant's original logo featured Isaac Newton

(Newser) - Secretive , vengeful , and irresistible, Apple occupies a unique niche in technology and business. Some obscure facts about the company, courtesy of Mashable :
  • The Macintosh was named for a variety of real apple: "Steve Jobs is said to have tried to change the project’s name to 'Bicycle' while
... More »

'Trailblazing' Science Papers Posted Online

Ben Franklin's famous kite-key experiment galvanizes the Web

(Newser) - Britain's Royal Society is posting some of the key scientific moments in human history on the Web. Handwritten accounts include reports by Sir Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, who details his 1752 experiment with a key, a kite and lightning. One of the posted studies, to determine if 8-year-old Wolfgang... More »

3 Stories