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Polanski Sues Media for Privacy Invasion

Director seeks end to media spotlight

(Newser) - Roman Polanski and his wife are suing several French publications for invading their privacy during the film director's house arrest. The photographs the couple object to include one of Polanski standing at the window of his Swiss chalet, and one of Polanski's wife, Emmanuel Seigner, walking down a street. The... More »

Polanski Moved to Secret Location

Swiss seek to shield director from the media

(Newser) - Roman Polanski has been shifted from a Zurich jail to an undisclosed location for "security reasons and personal protection," say Swiss authorities. Polanski will be released to his Alpine chalet today and authorities plan to restrict access to the neighborhood if the media become disruptive. The filmmaker will... More »

Check Out Polanski's Chalet—Er, Prison

Director awaiting extradition can throw parties, but can't leave

(Newser) - Security technicians put the final touches on the electronic monitoring system at Roman Polanski’s Swiss chalet ahead of the director’s arrival there under house arrest. Swiss officials say they await only the arrival of $4.5 million in bail, after which Polanski will be free to leave prison... More »

3 Stories