Solane Magnano

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Beauty Queen's Death Highlights Surgery Risk

If you must have a facelift, here are the biggest dangers

(Newser) - It should go without saying that no cosmetic surgery comes without risks—but the death of former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano, following surgery on her buttocks, is leading to a closer look at the greatest dangers. CNN talks to Nigel Mercer, a top doctor pushing for change in the industry,... More »

Beauty Queen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

Ex-Miss Argentina 'dies for a firmer behind'

(Newser) - Former Miss Argentina Solana Magnano died in Buenos Aires this weekend after suffering complications from cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. The 38-year-old mother of twins died after fluid injected as part of the procedure went to her lungs and brain, AP reports. A former chief of the Buenos Aires association... More »

2 Stories