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Vivid to Sheen: Make a Porno!

Because the world needed this...

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's big on pulling crazy crap these days, so why not add to his resume? Steven Hirsch of adult film factory Vivid Entertainment writes the actor/crazyman a letter saying, “We think it would be great if you would come in and direct" its next movie "within the... More »

Kids Porn Cases Take Heavy Toll on Cops

'The screaming is embedded in your brain forever,' says one

(Newser) - "Victims" who don't get much recognition in kiddie porn cases are the investigators who uncover horrors done to children. "The crying, the screaming on the videos are embedded in your brain forever," said one cop who has been investigating child porn for 4 years. "The screams... More »

2 Stories