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US Tourists Scratch Initials Into Colosseum Wall

They have apologized, saying they didn't realize it was such a serious offense

(Newser) - Rome's storied Colosseum—an "incomplete building that has already been robbed," as one spokesperson recently put it—is certainly no stranger to depraved behavior, in its prime hosting gladiators fighting to the death and as many as 73,000 unruly spectators. The latest in its storied history... More »

Surprise Find: Seating Plan for Rome's Colosseum

Restorers uncover red paint that survived for centuries

(Newser) - Spectators who once flocked to Rome's Colosseum could find their seats with the help of red numbers painted over entrance archways. What's amazing is that hints of that paint still remain, Discovery reports. A team restoring the Colosseum has spotted remnants of it in Latin numerals carved high... More »

Tourist to Pay Big-Time Over Colosseum Vandalism

Russian man was caught in the act

(Newser) - A Russian tourist has been hit with an eye-watering $25,000 fine for doing what visitors have done for thousands of years: leave their mark on Rome's Colosseum. The man was caught in the act of inscribing a 10-inch-tall letter "K" on a wall inside the ancient building,... More »

Tourists Won't Be Able to Touch Colosseum Anymore

Iron columns will protect visitors from falling debris

(Newser) - The days of getting up close and personal with Rome's iconic Colosseum are coming to an end. The monument will soon be ringed by a protective barrier to keep tourists out of the reach of falling debris. Cast iron columns will be erected anywhere from 15 to 50 feet... More »

Rome's Storied Trevi Fountain Crumbling

Budget cuts endangering city's ancient heritage

(Newser) - If Rome's famous Trevi fountain could chuck a coin into itself and make a wish, it would probably ask for some TLC. The 280-year-old monument's stucco reliefs are crumbling and a gargoyle's head came tumbling down on the weekend, reports the Guardian . Officials blame the damage on... More »

Gladiator Thugs Busted at Colosseum

Cop centurions sent in as Rome cracks down on racketeers

(Newser) - Gladiators and centurions clashed in front of Rome's Colosseum this week as police attempted to crack down on thugs targeting tourists. Undercover officers dressed as centurions were sent in to investigate the dozens of fake gladiators, centurions, and Roman legionnaires who make their living outside the ancient stadium, posing... More »

Students Take Over Tower of Pisa

Protesters also jump turnstiles, enter Colosseum, hang banner

(Newser) - On the heels of yesterday's protests in London, thousands of Italian students took their complaints about education cuts to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum—among other places—today, clogging roads and railways in the process. At the tower, about 20 students managed to breach security and unfurl... More »

Climate Activists Scale Colosseum

Greenpeace protesters urge Copenhagen deal

(Newser) - As the sun rose over the Colosseum in Rome this morning, something else was going up: Greenpeace activists climbed the first two tiers of the ancient building in a demonstration urging a climate change deal at Copenhagen. Protesters dressed in orange jumpsuits held up a banner reading, "Copenhagen: Make... More »

Google Unearths 3D Ancient Rome

Users can surf city streets of 320 AD

(Newser) - Google Earth is providing users the opportunity to surf the streets of Ancient Rome via a 3D virtual reconstruction of the city as it was in the 4th century. Users can "enter" the Forum, stand in the sands of the Colosseum, or swoop over any of 6,700 buildings... More »

7 New Wonders Wear Crown

Online poll spreads the wealth to South America, Asia

(Newser) - The largest online poll ever conducted wrapped up yesterday, and today the results became official. The seven wonders of the modern world, which were announced in Portugal, include an Asian engineering triumph and a South American religious monument, but not the Great Pyramid of Giza—the Egyptian government refused to... More »

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