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Fugitive Brothers Charged in Couple's Murder

One had previously threatened the missing pair

(Newser) - Court documents show that Washington state police have reached the "inescapable conclusion" that missing Arlington couple Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude were murdered . Their vehicles, found partly obscured by branches down an embankment in a remote area near Oso on Sunday, showed "obvious blood pooling and smearing, and... More »

Murder Suspect Put in Cell With Guy Testifying Against Him

Needless to say, a fight broke out

(Newser) - A pretty big oops in Lima, Ohio, this week: Markelus Carter is charged with murder, and during a break in his trial Wednesday, a guard accidentally put him in the same holding cell with another inmate who was set to testify against him. Neither man was handcuffed, and a fight... More »

Fire Captain Nabbed in 3 Cold-Case Murders

David Watson faces charges in deaths of ex-wife, mother-in-law

(Newser) - David Watson was battling his ex-wife, Linda, for custody of their daughter when the woman vanished from her Tucson home on Aug. 20, 2000. In 2003, Watson was locked in another custody battle over the same girl with his former mother-in-law, Marilyn Cox, when she was gunned down after a... More »

Ohio Man Goes Free After 18 Years in Prison

Anthony Lemons was granted a new trial; now charges have been dropped

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Cleveland have dropped the murder charges against an Ohio man who was imprisoned for more than 18 years but maintained his innocence and was granted a new trial. The Plain Dealer reports 40-year-old Anthony Lemons said a burden was lifted from him as a judge acquitted him yesterday.... More »

Murder Suspects Attack Guard, Escape Prison

Jailer opened cell after he witnessed one inmate throwing up

(Newser) - The search is on in Alabama after two men charged with murder and another charged with armed robbery escaped their shared prison cell. Prior to the escape, one of the three began shouting in the cell, saying a cellmate was ill, the Choctaw County sheriff says. A guard checked up... More »

Nevada Teen Sought in Murder of Mother, Brother

Adrian Navarro-Canales is on the run, police say

(Newser) - Police are searching nationwide and at the Mexican border for a southern Nevada teenager accused of killing his mother and younger brother. Police in Henderson think the killings happened last Tuesday, but the bodies weren't discovered until Friday—the fourth time a relative and the mother's boyfriend called... More »

Kai the Famous Hitchhiker Arrested on Murder Charges

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary went viral after gas station heroics

(Newser) - "Kai the hitchhiker" became an Internet celebrity in February when he intervened in a gas station attack in Fresno, California, hitting a man on the back of the head with a hatchet to stop him from assaulting a woman, then giving a very entertaining (and profanity-laced) interview to a... More »

Suspect in Texas DA Deaths: Disgraced Justice of Peace

Eric Williams arrested, charged with making terroristic threats

(Newser) - Eric Williams was an officer in the Texas Guard, a reserve Kaufman County deputy, and was elected justice of the peace in 2010—now, the Daily Beast reports, he's the prime suspect in the Texas prosecutor murders . District Attorney Mike McLelland, who was murdered along with his wife, and... More »

Police Station Shooting Kills Mississippi Detective

Suspect he was interviewing dead as well

(Newser) - A murder suspect and the detective who was questioning him were both found dead at police headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi. As detective Eric Smith, 40, interviewed Jeremy Powell, 23, other officers heard gunshots. They entered the room to find the men dead, CNN reports. Police haven't offered a sequence... More »

Colorado Suspect Dead

Evan Ebel dies after car chase, shootout

(Newser) - The former Colorado inmate being investigated in the death of the state prisons chief and a pizza deliveryman was pronounced dead today, following his 100-mph car chase and shootout with police in Texas yesterday. His identity still must be officially confirmed by fingerprint analysis, but investigators believe he is Evan... More »

Turkish Suspect: I Sniffed Glue, Hit NYC Mom in Head

Confesses in murder of Sarai Sierra

(Newser) - The suspect detained yesterday in the murder of Sarai Sierra has confessed, police say. Ziya T., whom the New York Post describes as a transient, says he "had sniffed a lot of glue" and then hit Sierra, a tourist from New York, "with something heavy. I came back... More »

Suspect in Grandparents' Deaths Arrested

Hours-long motel standoff in Oregon ends peacefully

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Oregon man accused of murdering his grandparents is in custody tonight after a motel standoff ended with his arrest, reports the Oregonian . Michael Boysen had holed up in the Lincoln motel and refused police orders to leave the room for hours. Police eventually blew down the door with... More »

Suddenly, Case Against Pistorius Looks a Little Shaky

Lead detective admits mistakes under tough questioning

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius will likely learn tomorrow whether he will be released on bail, and what seemed like a certain "no" a few days ago is anything but certain now. The AP says the case against the double-amputee Olympian "began to unravel" today as the athlete's attorney picked... More »

Murder Suspect Surrenders; Police Say, We're Closed

So Swedish fugitive goes to another station

(Newser) - A fugitive in Sweden sought for murder had to turn himself in twice this week to make it stick. The suspect had been on the run for 15 months before returning to his hometown police station in Malmo to surrender, reports the Local . When he found the doors locked, he... More »

Suspect in Tourist's Murder: Turkish Homeless Man

He allegedly tried to accost Sarai Sierra the day she disappeared

(Newser) - Police in Turkey are looking for a 46-year-old homeless man who they say has become the top suspect in the murder of Staten Island mom Sarai Sierra. The homeless man, referred to only as "Z," allegedly accosted Sierra on the day she disappeared, and is often seen in... More »

McAfee's New Plan: Go to US

Anti-virus pioneer fighting extradition to Belize

(Newser) - John McAfee's request for political asylum in Guatemala was rejected, so he has a new plan: Return to the United States. "America is my home. It’s where I was raised," he said last night during an online press conference. "I simply would like to live... More »

How US Open Ref, 70, Became Murder Suspect

Lois Goodman's husband was about to be cremated when...

(Newser) - When US Open tennis referee Lois Goodman called police to her California condo in April, she said she had returned home to find her husband in bed, dead. There was blood throughout the house, a bloody coffee mug in pieces on the floor, and his head was wounded. But 70-year-old... More »

Fugitive Pilot Kills Self After Trying to Steal Plane

Cops: Brian Hedglin killed his girlfriend, tried to flee

(Newser) - A murder/suicide in Utah is making headlines, and the Salt Lake Tribune and CNN piece together the tale: Police think 40-year-old Brian Hedglin fatally stabbed his girlfriend Friday night, then went on the lam. The SkyWest pilot didn't surface until Monday night, when he drove his motorcycle to St.... More »

Etan Patz Suspect Under Suicide Watch

Pedro Hernandez taken to hospital

(Newser) - The suspect arrested in Etan Patz's disappearance and accused of the boy's murder was put under suicide watch last night, the New York Times reports. Pedro Hernandez was continually watched until 5:30am, at which time he was transferred to Bellevue Hospital Center, an official says. The official... More »

How Etan Patz's Soda Could Have Led Police to Suspect

He had a dollar to buy drink, and Pedro Hernandez worked at bodega

(Newser) - Exactly 33 years ago today, on another Friday before Memorial Day, 6-year-old Etan Patz convinced his mother to let him walk the block and a half to his school bus stop alone, for the first time. His mother told detectives Etan had a dollar with him so he could buy... More »

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