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Speech Was Obama's 'Mission Accomplished'

All he needed was a flight suit

(Newser) - He may not have unfurled a banner or donned a flight suit, “but make no mistake: President Obama gave his own version of a ‘mission accomplished’ speech last night,” writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post . Last night the president declared—“perhaps prematurely”—that the... More »

GOP Hopefuls React to Obama War Speech

Pawlenty, Romney hawkish as Huntsman calls for faster withdrawal

(Newser) - The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan could become a major bone of contention among the GOP's 2012 hopefuls, judging by their differing responses to President Obama's speech outlining the US drawdown.
  • Tim Pawlenty took the most hawkish position, calling the decision to bring all the surge forces
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Obama Faces War Without His Base

Prez 'redeclared' Afghanistan war without Dems on board

(Newser) - It was reassuring to see a Democratic president admit that we're "in a real struggle with bad people," writes Peggy Noonan of Obama's Afghanistan speech, but it's too bad his supporters don't seem to be on board. Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush had a political... More »

Obama Plan Won't Make America Safer

Afghan surge can't defeat terrorist ideology

(Newser) - President Obama should have used his speech to declare victory and announce the start of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan instead of an escalation, writes Eugene Robinson. Even if the surge achieves its immediate mission—at huge cost—the operation won't achieve its ultimate goal of making the US safer... More »

Karl Rove: Obama Finally Did Something Right!

GOP can help prez overcome anti-war Democrats

(Newser) - President Obama's party may not be wild about his Afghanistan strategy but he has won high praise from Karl Rove. Obama "deserves to be cheered" for sending more troops to Afghanistan over the objections of his vice-president, Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal , predicting that the president will... More »

'Goldilocks' Strategy Wins Prez Time

Adopting centrist position is a gamble

(Newser) - President Obama's Afghanistan speech represented a brave foray into the middle ground of American politics, where those who venture tend to get crushed, writes EJ Dionne. His "Goldilocks strategy—neither too hawkish nor too dovish, but just right"—has split his party while failing to win any credit... More »

Pundits Split on Obama's 'Churchill Moment'

Some find president's resolve unconvincing

(Newser) - President Obama staked his presidency on the Afghanistan war last night, but pundits are widely split on how convincingly he made the case for escalation.
  • This was no George W. Bush on an aircraft carrier, writes Matthew Cooper in the Atlantic. This was a community organizer turned war president,"
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Pakistan Escalation on the Hush-Hush

Obama quietly striving to step up CIA campaign

(Newser) - President Obama aims to step up operations in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, but he won't be making any speeches about it. The president has quietly authorized an expansion of the CIA campaign against militants but he's still trying to get the green light from the "weak, divided, suspicious"... More »

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