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Home Video Emerges of Challenger Disaster

Jeffrey Ault's super 8 footage sat untouched for decades

(Newser) - Florida resident Jeffrey Ault was thrilled to shoot home video of the Challenger launch in 1986. The NASA nut had built an Apollo-era Saturn V rocket in elementary school, and as a high school student he routinely wrote the space agency for mission reports. But his exhilaration turned to shock... More »

Home Movie Reveals 'Toking' Monroe

'It was just a get-together,' says pal who filmed smokin' star

(Newser) - A recently surfaced home movie of Marilyn Monroe shows the star languorously sucking on what a friend revealed is a marijuana joint as she lounges with pals. Monroe takes a hit before vamping for the camera in a New Jersey apartment sometime in the 50s. The movie was purchased by... More »

2 Stories