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Facebook Ditches 'Gifts'

Sorry, you can't spend $1 to send a 3KB JPEG anymore

(Newser) - Clip art lovers despaired yesterday, as Facebook announced it's closing its Gift Shop to focus on other, more popular services. As of Aug. 1, you won’t be able to send new gifts, though your old ones will still show up on your profile. “Closing the Gift Shop may... More »

Top Countries, Pages, and Other Surprising Facebook Stats

Average users has 130 friends, spends 55 minutes a day

(Newser) - Facebook's runaway growth is well documented, but some details still wow, and some are quite odd. Website Monitoring takes a look at the salient facts.
  • Popularity: The US has the most active users, but 70% of Facebookers are international. Sure, the UK comes in at No. 2, but No. 3
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Tired of Abuse, Engadget Turns Off Comments

It's an 'experiment,' tech site editor says of temporary move

(Newser) - The editors at Engadget have had it up to here with nasty, over-the-top commenters. The tech site temporarily disabled comments today because their tone over the last week "has really gotten out of hand," explains a note to readers. "Some of you out there in the world... More »

Yahoo Gets Deeper In Bed With Facebook

Integration will boost traffic on both sites, they hope

(Newser) - Yahoo is finally getting seriously social in a new partnership that will integrate Facebook Connect into its many properties. Yahoo users will be able monitor their Facebook feed on Yahoo, and vice versa. The integration will be done “on a deep level,” a Yahoo exec tells Kara Swisher,... More »

4 Stories