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Butler's Playing Flops as Bond Reclaims No. 1

Gerard Butler isn't having much luck with rom-coms these days

(Newser) - Gerard Butler's Playing for Keeps might be "soulless" and "sexist," but at least it was a total failure at the box office on its opening weekend, marking the fourth flop in just a pair of years for the actor. Butler's rom-com was the only movie... More »

The 10 Weirdest Leading Men

Despite less-than-conventional looks, these actors thrive

(Newser) - Not all leading men look like Tom Cruise, as evidenced by these 10 unconventional guys rounded up by Time :
  • Adam Sandler: It’s one thing to headline a comedy like Happy Gilmore, but Sandler has taken his career one step further, proving he can also handle romantic comedies like 50
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Up-and-Coming Hollywood Heartthrobs

The Fug Girls weigh in on the new crop of leading men

(Newser) - Let’s face it: Harrison Ford can only play Indiana Jones for so much longer. Who’s waiting in the wings to succeed him and other Hollywood leading men? The Fug Girls offer up their thoughts, writing for New York :
  • Chris Pine = Harrison Ford: The new Jack Ryan has
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7 Soon-to-Be Leading Men

James Franco's little brother, a Liam Neeson co-star, and more

(Newser) - If that crush you had on Tom Cruise when you were 10 has gotten a little stale, consider choosing a new swoonworthy young crush from Details ’ list of up-and-coming leading men:
  1. James Badge Dale: After starring in 24’s third season and in a Scorsese flick, he scored upcoming
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Coming Out Killed My Career: Everett

British actor says his sexuality precludes roles as leading man

(Newser) - Rupert Everett has long railed against what he sees as Hollywood’s prejudice against gay actors, and says coming out killed his chances of landing roles as leading man. “It just doesn’t work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point,” Everett, 50, tells... More »

5 Stories