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Coburn Holds FAA Hostage With One-Man Filibuster

Agency could face a second shutdown

(Newser) - The FAA could soon be shut down again, costing thousands of workers their jobs and the government $30 million a day in airline ticket taxes, all thanks to a single Republican senator. Tom Coburn is exploiting a Senate procedural rule requiring unanimous consent to switch from working on one bill... More »

Jim Bunning Blocks More Obama Nominees

... over Canadian tobacco-flavoring law

(Newser) - Jim Bunning’s latest parliamentary maneuvering isn’t going to get in the way of anyone’s unemployment benefits, but might strike some as silly all the same: The Republican senator is blocking two minor Obama administration nominees to protest a Canadian law banning tobacco flavorings. And while the issue... More »

GOP: Obama Must Sign Health Measure Before Reconciliation

And Senate's bill, which House Dems dislike

(Newser) - There looks to be a pretty substantial wrinkle in congressional Democrats’ plans to pass health-care reform via the simple-majority processes of reconciliation: President Obama would have to sign the Senate version of the bill into law before the House and Senate versions could be reconciled into one. That’s the... More »

Bunning Throws Tantrum, Flips ABC the Bird

Ducks query about filibuster, huffs into 'senators only elevator'

(Newser) - After using Senate procedure last week to block the extension of jobless benefits to millions, Republican Jim Bunning hid behind Senate privilege today rather than answer questions about it—after giving the middle finger to a reporter trying to ask him about it. ABC cameras didn’t catch that; reporter... More »

Score One for Jim Bunning

Solo filibuster works: Senate Dems adjourn without extending jobless benefits

(Newser) - Republican Jim Bunning’s one-man filibuster, intended to force Democrats to account for the money that would extend by 30 days unemployment benefits for 1.2 million, looks to have worked, with the Senate adjourning for the weekend without passing the extension. Jobless and COBRA payments thus expire Sunday, Chris... More »

GOP Wants Brown Seated ASAP ... Just Like Kennedy

But state must certify first, Senate rules say

(Newser) - As the victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race sinks in around Washington, Republicans are pushing for Brown to be seated as soon as possible—and using “a novel and ironic precedent,” Brian Beutler and Eric Kleefeld write. Senate rules require a victory be officially certified... More »

Health Bill Clears Last Hurdle Before Vote

Party line roll call ends filibuster, sets stage for tomorrow

(Newser) - Exultant Senate Democrats pushed President Obama's landmark health care overhaul past a final procedural hurdle today, setting up a final vote at 7am tomorrow to pass the legislation. Democrats voted 60-39 to end a GOP filibuster, with all 58 Democrats and two independents hanging together against unanimous Republican opposition. Tomorrow's... More »

Sen. Sanders Puts Hold on Bernanke Nomination

Independent's move could force Dems to scrape up 60 votes

(Newser) - Saying that Ben Bernanke is too tied to the roots of the current financial crisis and too beholden the institutions that helped cause it, Sen. Bernie Sanders put a hold on the nomination process for a second term for the Federal Reserve chief. The Vermont independent’s move—not much... More »

8 Stories