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Second Stimulus, Additional Debt Release Coming

President to trade short-term spending for long-term cuts

(Newser) - President Obama's promises to boost jobs and cut the deficit are taking shape, with a new stimulus and tax cuts for companies that hire new workers to be announced in a major address right after Labor Day, reports the Washington Post . The stimulus is said to focus on road... More »

Democrats Too Dumb to Realize Obama Won Tax Deal

Krauthammer: GOP gave him his stimulus, and looked bad doing it

(Newser) - Barack Obama pulled off a huge coup with his tax-cut deal, but House Democrats are too dim to realize it. Obama slyly negotiated “the biggest stimulus in American history,” complains Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post . Republicans boast that this is their kind of stimulus—meaning mostly tax... More »

Obama's Tax Deal Really a 'Stealth Stimulus'

But it'll only work if consumers will spend the money

(Newser) - The tax cut deal President Obama struck with Republicans is likely to give a real jolt to the economy, economists tell the Wall Street Journal , which calls the deal “a second, stealth stimulus package.” While the tax cuts themselves may not boost growth much, the extension of unemployment... More »

Obama Weighs New Wave of Tax Cuts, Stimulus

Team searches for ways to bolster economy

(Newser) - With economic recovery looking sluggish at best , President Obama is considering a national infrastructure program, alongside a wave of tax cuts for businesses and individuals. Up for discussion are additional tax cuts for small businesses, a possible payroll tax cut for businesses and individuals, and other tax breaks aimed at... More »

Incredible Shrinking Stimulus Needs Part II

Local government cuts are canceling out federal package

(Newser) - The American economy badly needs a second stimulus package, but the false belief that the government has already stimulated the economy to the tune of $787 billion is standing in the way, writes Harold Meyerson. When deferred spending and the effect of state and local government cuts are taken into... More »

5 Stories