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Tips for Talking Money With Your Spouse

Carl Richards: Financial arguments 'come from surprises'

(Newser) - A financial discussion with your spouse can feel like a minefield of emotional surprises. Financial planner Carl Richards advises you to first have "the conversation before the decision gets made," which "can make a huge difference" in your relationship, he writes in the New York Times Bucks... More »

The 5 Reasons You're Broke

And always will be, unless you change your habits, says financial planner

(Newser) - Even employed people can still be broke—and if you’re in that camp, allow Steve Roy to help. On Dumb Little Man , the financial planner offers up the “five reasons you will always be broke:"
  1. Your spouse is a spender: If one partner is out of touch
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In Estate Planning, Take a Lesson From MJ

He knew what he was doing—and we should follow his example

(Newser) - Michael Jackson wasn't known for his financial prudence, but he got one thing right: his estate planning, writes Jane Bennett Clark for Kiplinger. Here’s how to follow his good example:
  • Write a will: Two-thirds of Americans don’t. Jackson’s is concrete: His kids get 40% of his
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Shell-Shocked Investors Turn to Annuities

Insurance-like vehicles quickly growing more popular

(Newser) - Most financial advisers aren’t big fans of annuities. They don’t offer the prospect of outsized gains, can’t be easily withdrawn from, and often include loads of fees and traps. But now droves of investors, rattled by the stock market’s crash, have turned to the insurance-like vehicles,... More »

It's Time for a Backup Plan

Stay calm, be optimistic, or just go back to school

(Newser) - If you've gotten the ax or fear you're next, it’s time to prepare yourself without panicking, NPR reports. The American Psychological Association advises people to stay calm and make a financial plan to cope with tough times. "It's very hard, but try to stay focused in the present,... More »

Publishers Rush to Meet Need for Financial Advice

Bevy of new books strikes more somber, conservative tone

(Newser) - Book publishers and sellers are rushing to meet demand for personal-finance titles as the unrelenting economic crisis combines with New Year’s resolutions to prompt consumers to seek professional advice, the Wall Street Journal reports. However, the thrown-together texts might not prove very helpful: Many authors fail to provide specifics... More »

Can't Buy Me Love, but Divorce Could Cost $100K

Paperwork's cheap, but hiring lawyers, dividing real estate, finding therapy adds up

(Newser) - In the current financial climate, getting unhitched has become all the more ruinous, reports. Selling your home, hiring attorneys, shelling out for therapy, and finding temporary housing add up to a burly bottom line, with one attorney estimating that divorce "can run anywhere from $1,820 (uncontested)... More »

Madonna, Ritchie in Crisis Talks

With each other, but also their accountants

(Newser) - Guy Ritchie followed Madonna to New York yesterday to save his marriage—and also huddle with the family accountant in case his attempts fail. Ritchie could land $100 million of his wife’s $800 million fortune so “the lawyers will want to go through the assets with a fine-tooth... More »

Fake Experts Fool Seniors

Elderly cheated by 'certified' advisers whose shady offerings make millions

(Newser) - Elderly Americans are being duped out of millions by financial advisers with trumped-up credentials, the New York Times reports. Over 39,000 "certified senior advisers" have been rubber stamped by pay-for-service courses in the last decade, and they're selling popular—but unnecessary—financial products to the elderly. More »

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