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Woods Finally Lands New Endorsement Deal

... in Japan

(Newser) - Tiger Woods has landed his first endorsement deal since the sex scandal. It's just not in this country. Woods signed a three-year deal with Japan's Kowa Company to promote a pain reliever there. Woods already has filmed commercials for "Vantelin Kowa," a heat rub used to... More »

Tiger Still No. 1, but Endorsements Fall

... to a measly $70 million

(Newser) - Tiger Woods remains the nation's top-paid athlete in the Sports Illustrated rankings, even though USA Today notes his endorsements fell by $22 million and sales of his video game are sluggish . The top 5:
  1. Tiger Woods: $90.5 million (including $70 million in endorsements).
  2. Phil Mickelson: $61.7 million ($52
... More »

Tiger Shoots Nike Commercial

In case you care, Woods wore black and red!

(Newser) - For those of you passionately invested in Tiger Woods’ every move : He shot a new commercial yesterday. Apparently Nike still thinks the embattled golfer is good for the brand—its motto is “Just Do It,” after all. Woods shot the ad at a country club golf course near... More »

Nike Rolls Out New Clubs Sans Tiger Woods

Still called Victory Red, but disgraced golfer missing in marketing

(Newser) - Nike will roll out a new line of golf clubs this month, without any help from a certain promiscuous golfer. Tiger Woods is still under contract with Nike, but he’s conspicuously absent from the promo materials for the new Victory Red STR8-FIT Tour fairway woods, which instead boast that... More »

Tiger's Mom 'Disappointed'

Tag Heuer to limit use of golfer in marketing

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' mom is "hurt, angry and disappointed" in her son for the damage he's done to his family. The revelation of Tiger's indiscretions has been "devastating" for Kutilda Woods, who worries for her grandchildren, a source close to the family says. "She loves him and will... More »

Elin Making Deal —With Puma?

Nordegren could be face of new line—by Tiger Woods' sponsor's rival

(Newser) - It may not have been her first choice of revenge, but Elin Nordegren’s potential sponsorship deal is pretty good nonetheless. As cheating hubby Tiger Woods keeps losing sponsors, Elin may be gaining one—with (Tiger sponsor) Nike’s arch-rival, Puma. A company official tells TMZ they are in “... More »

Nike: Tiger Affairs a Minor 'Blip'

Company has no plans to drop sponsorship

(Newser) - Other sponsors are backing away from Tiger Woods, but Nike plans to stick with the beleaguered golf champ. The sportsman's indiscretions will be seen as "a minor blip" in the context of his career, Nike chairman and co-founder Phil Knight tells SportsBusiness Journal . The scandal is simply "part... More »

Gillette Will Limit Tiger Woods' Role in Ads

It's the first big sponsor to pull back from the golfer

(Newser) - Gillette today became the first major sponsor of Tiger Woods to distance itself from the scandal. It did not drop him entirely, however. "As Tiger takes a break from the public eye, we will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programs," said... More »

Tiger, Thierry, Roger Screw Up Gillette Campaign

Endorsement dream team turns into a nightmare

(Newser) - The dream team Gillette assembled for its sports marketing campaign is starting to look like a nightmare. The roster: Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods. Ouch. Every one of those international superstars has been embroiled in recent controversy; Federer for his outburst at the US Open, Henry for the... More »

Elin to Cops: Tiger Was Drinking Before Crash

Woods had been prescribed Ambien, Vicodin

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was drinking before his SUV crash, a newly released police report shows. Elin Nordegren Woods told the officers at the scene her husband had consumed alcohol and had prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin the day of the crash. The new details come from a police report leaked to... More »

Tiger to Galpal: My Marriage Is a Sham

Plus, marriage 'announcement' likely coming soon

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' marriage is a sham—at least that’s what Tiger told one of his mistresses, according to her lawyer. Michael O’Quinn tells TMZ that Woods told his client—no word on who it is, but she allegedly got down and dirty with Tiger for two years—that... More »

Tiger Offered $5M to Promote Cheaters Site

But sponsors are sticking with him, for now—and likely forever

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ sponsors are sticking by him, but if anything falls through, he has a back-up option…as long as he doesn’t mind endorsing adultery. AshleyMadison.com, a website for cheating spouses, offered the cheating golfer a $5 million promotion deal, TMZ reports. In similar news, porn company Vivid... More »

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