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Jon Stewart Lashes 'Lying Dynasty' Fox

Funnyman goes on attack after Politifact says he was wrong

(Newser) - The non-partisan fact-checkers at Politifact have rated his assertion that Fox News viewers are the most consistently misinformed viewers false , Jon Stewart acknowledged on the Daily Show last night. Some studies have shown Fox viewers to be the most misinformed but others have rated viewers of some specific Fox shows... More »

Fox News Viewers 'Most Misinformed,' Study Finds

Network's fans most likely to believe certain falsehoods

(Newser) - University of Maryland researchers have deemed Fox News viewers the "most misinformed," Mediaite reports. The researchers, who asked a number of questions about hot-button issues in the 2010 election, found Fox News viewers—regardless of political affiliation—were more likely than viewers of other networks to believe, for... More »

Beck Repeats Shoddy Stats on Obama Cabinet

Claim that only 10% of cabinet had private sector cred debunked

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s claim that “under 10%” of Barack Obama’s cabinet appointees have “any experience in the private sector” turns out to be a bad statistic pulled from the internet. The tidbit originated in a study from JPMorgan Private Bank CIO Michael Cembalest, PolitiFact reports. Cembalest looked... More »

3 Stories