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Scottish Brewer Does Not Much Care for Criticism

Tells industry watchdog it doesn't give 'a s---' about label concerns

(Newser) - American companies tend to go into instant-apology mode at the first hint of criticism, but a Scottish brewer has a much different tack. After a UK regulatory group faulted BrewDog for putting lines such as "rip it up down empty streets” and "we believe faster is better" on... More »

$770 Bottle of Beer Comes Packed in Dead Animal

Did we mention the animals are dressed in kilts?

(Newser) - It’s only a matter of time before PETA jumps all over this: Scottish brewery BrewDog has produced a $770-per-bottle, 55% alcohol beer.. Oh, and it comes packaged inside a dead animal. “The animals used to bottle The End Of History all died of natural causes,” a founder... More »

'Extreme Beer' Features High Alcohol, Cost

One new highbrow bottle, with 27% alcohol, costs $150

(Newser) - Beer with a high alcohol content is in the spotlight after two breweries announced supercharged creations—Boston Beer Company's Utopias, with 27% alcohol, and BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin, with 32%. Are they good for the average guzzler? Salon gets details from expert Brooks Hamaker:
  • They don’t come cheap: Utopias
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3 Stories