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Brewery Loses Fight With Elvis

His estate wins legal battle with brewer over IPA's name

(Newser) - A Scottish brewer has lost its battle to give a bestselling beer the same first name as one of the most popular musicians in history. Last week, the UK Intellectual Property Office ruled that BrewDog must change the name of its grapefruit-infused Elvis Juice IPA after attorneys for Elvis Presley... More »

Scottish Brewer Does Not Much Care for Criticism

Tells industry watchdog it doesn't give 'a s---' about label concerns

(Newser) - American companies tend to go into instant-apology mode at the first hint of criticism, but a Scottish brewer has a much different tack. After a UK regulatory group faulted BrewDog for putting lines such as "rip it up down empty streets” and "we believe faster is better" on... More »

$770 Bottle of Beer Comes Packed in Dead Animal

Did we mention the animals are dressed in kilts?

(Newser) - It’s only a matter of time before PETA jumps all over this: Scottish brewery BrewDog has produced a $770-per-bottle, 55% alcohol beer.. Oh, and it comes packaged inside a dead animal. “The animals used to bottle The End Of History all died of natural causes,” a founder... More »

'Extreme Beer' Features High Alcohol, Cost

One new highbrow bottle, with 27% alcohol, costs $150

(Newser) - Beer with a high alcohol content is in the spotlight after two breweries announced supercharged creations—Boston Beer Company's Utopias, with 27% alcohol, and BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin, with 32%. Are they good for the average guzzler? Salon gets details from expert Brooks Hamaker:
  • They don’t come cheap: Utopias
... More »

4 Stories