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Bono: 10 Ideas for the '10s

Just one last little year-end list, from a humble rocker's point of view

(Newser) - Had it with year-end lists? So has Bono. So, "in the spirit of rock star excess," he's going to lay one more on you. Behold, the 10 ideas that the U2 frontman thinks will "make the next 10 years more interesting, healthy or civil":
  • Get Detroit its
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Top Quotes of the '00s

'Bring 'em on' from George Bush makes the list

(Newser) - David Sirota culls the top 10 quotes of the decade that speak to the nation's shortcomings. See the full list at Salon here . A sampling:
  • "It doesn't matter." Dick Cheney, 2006, when asked about polls showing a majority of Americans opposed the Iraq war. It's a "sign
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'00s Biggest Celeb Scandals

Jon and Kate Gosselin haven't always dominated the headlines

(Newser) - You may have forgotten all about it, thanks to the neverending coverage of the Gosselin divorce or Tiger Woods’ mistresses, but there was a time—in the last 10 years—when Winona Ryder’s shoplifting was the story of the hour. The Frisky lists the top 10 celebrity scandals of... More »

Juiciest Political Sex Scandals

Lovechildren, gay affairs, and hookers, oh my!

(Newser) - From Eliot Spitzer’s $80,000 worth of prostitute action to Mark Sanford “hiking the Appalachian trail,” this decade has been ripe with political sex scandals. The Frisky picks the juiciest. Some of the slightly-lesser-discussed affairs:
  • Mike Duvall: A self-described “family values warrior” in the California State
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Top 10 Workout Songs

Eminem, Kanye West top list of decade's gym anthems

(Newser) - With your annual weight-loss resolution on the horizon, Men’s Fitness aims to get you pumped up with its list of the decade’s top workout songs:
  • Lose Yourself , Eminem: “This song won the Academy Award for Best Song solely for its ability to motivate even 75-year-old voters to
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Radio's Top Songs By Genre

Tim McGraw's Something Like That played 487K times

(Newser) - Feel like you heard Tim McGraw’s Something Like That about half a million times in the past decade? Well, the ratings folks at Nielsen will back you up on that, with their list of commercial radio’s most-played songs of the decade:
  • Country: Something Like That, Tim McGraw, 487,
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ESPN Rules List of Execrable Sports Shows

In top 10, Worldwide Leader takes nine spots

(Newser) - Most sports fans have caught a whiff of ESPN’s non-live-sports programming at some point in the past decade—and the Worldwide Leader takes nine of 10 spots on Sports Media Watch ’s list of the decade’s worst sports shows. (CNBC grabbed No. 8 with John McEnroe’s... More »

Why 'Best of' Lists Are the Worst

The problem, says a critic: 'They're about yesterday's yearning'

(Newser) - Julia Keller is of two minds about year-end "best of" lists—which are even more numerous and annoying than usual in this, the final year of the decade. She admits to reading them, "and I further confess that I sometimes enjoy arguing silently with them." But "... More »

Worst Sports Excesses of the Decade

Pacman Jones' strip club behavior typifies the sad new culture

(Newser) - American sports culture descended into sheer decadence this decade, and no single incident sums it better than Pacman Jones' "making it rain" with cash in a Vegas strip club in 2007, writes Clay Travis for Fanhouse. The chaos that ensued after he tossed around the money—reportedly about $100,... More »

Arrested Development Reigns as Top Sitcom

Arrested Development tops 11 Points' list

(Newser) - Cable dramas and non-sitcom comedies—think Stephen Colbert and Dave Chappelle—grabbed the limelight this decade, but it was still a rich time for sitcoms. 11 Points lists the 11 best.
  1. Arrested Development. Needs no explanation—might be the best sitcom in history.
  2. 30 Rock. Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, and
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There Will Be Blood Best of the Best: Critics

Eternal Sunshine and Lord of the Rings tie for second

(Newser) - Back in the day, P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood wasn't even unanimously considered the best film of 2007. But it comes out on top in Gawker 's aggregation of critics’ “Best Films of the Decade” lists, “its straw in the whole damn cinema’s milkshake.... More »

Woods Voted Athlete of the Decade

Beats out Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps

(Newser) - Tiger Woods finally got some good news today, when the AP voted him the athlete of the decade. Woods received 56 of the 142 votes cast by AP member editors since last month. More than half of the ballots were returned after the Nov. 27 car accident outside his Florida... More »

Real Cancun Among Films of Decade

Idiots romp, drink as US bombs Baghdad in MTV flick

(Newser) - The Real Cancun, MTV’s “jaw-dropping spectacle of American youth gone preposterously idiotic” from 2003, may be a film about “spoiled, attractive young party animals” who “gather to do body shots, dance, and make out like horny banhees and banshees,” but it "is a disturbingly... More »

Most Overused Words of the '00s

Please, if it's not amazing, stop calling it 'amazing'

(Newser) - “OMG,” people “seriously” overused certain words and phrases this decade, and we are “over it.” Wendy Atterberry lists 25 that should be “voted off” immediately, on The Frisky :
  • “That’s what she said.”
  • “Getting anything ‘on,’ like ‘getting
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Top One-Hit Wonders

Songs you've heard constantly, artists you've never heard from again

(Newser) - Musicians don’t always get a full 15 minutes of fame; sometimes, they have to settle for three or four. Billboard took a look back at some of the top one-hit wonders of the decade, acts that got one and only one song onto the Hot 100’s Top 10... More »

The Best of '00s Nostalgia

Hipsters and foodies and Snuggies, oh my!

(Newser) - What will be the ‘00s version of the 1970s' lava lamps, the 1980s' stonewashed jeans, the 1990s' flannel shirts? What will we, one day, look back on with embarrassed nostalgia and say, “That’s so aughties”? Heather Wagner lists 26 possibilities in Vanity Fair :
  1. Hipsters: Skinny jeans,
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Decade's Best Sellers: Eminem, the Beatles

Norah Jones, Nelly also snag spots

(Newser) - The Beatles might have had its heyday a few decades ago, but the band managed to emerge from this decade with the best-selling album. Perhaps more surprising is the decade’s top-selling artist: Eminem, with 32.2 million albums sold—followed closely by, yes, the Beatles again in the No.... More »

The Decade's Most Embarrassing Music

We liked this stuff? Really?

(Newser) - Every decade has some music we would rather not talk about. You know, the "Achy Breaky Hearts", the "Ice Ice Babies", the "Mmm Bops"—songs that make us look back and ask, “What were we thinking?” The worst of the worst for the 2000s, courtesy... More »

Top Cultural Game-Changers

What will we still be talking about next decade? Britney, for one

(Newser) - The ‘00s were full of important contributions to culture, but which ones will we still be talking about in another decade? Here are some of New York ’s picks:
  • TV: The Sopranos for inventing quality cable, American Idol for changing the music industry, and of course all things
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In a Decade, 'TV Became Art'

The Wire , The Sopranos , Six Feet Under , Mad Men —get the picture?

(Newser) - For television, the past decade has been “as the sixties are to music and the seventies to movies”—some of the worst content ever was produced, but the cream of the crop rose to the level of art, Emily Nussbaum writes. Sure, “you could easily memorialize the... More »

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