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Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: Tiger's Mentors?

The former NBA stars were Woods' Vegas companions

(Newser) - You already know more than you ever wanted to about Tiger Woods’ personal life, but guess what? You still haven’t heard it all. Vanity Fair teases its upcoming article by Mark Seal, which “may be the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life”:
  • His
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Posse Helped Tiger Woods Sneak Around

Small group of friends cautioned golfer, then circled the wagons

(Newser) - The small group of friends who make up Tiger Woods' inner circle warned the golfer his extramarital shenanigans were going to cause trouble, but he ignored them—and they've stuck with him through the explosive revelations that are threatening to sink his career. "We said, 'You've got to be... More »

Childhood Pal Arranged, Covered Up Tiger's Trysts

Byron Bell is also president of one of Woods' companies

(Newser) - A childhood friend who’s now the president of one of Tiger Woods’ companies helped arrange the golfer’s Australian rendezvous with one of his alleged mistresses, with Byron Bell buying plane tickets and booking hotels in his name to keep the affair secret. Sources tell TMZ Bell flew to... More »

3 Stories